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This section provides information on ongoing initiatives and other significant issues of ongoing notable interest to residents of the Parish:

Neighbourhood Development Plan

Escrick Parish Council has decided to developed a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the Parish. 

More details are available on our Neighbourhood Development Plan page.

A19 safety concerns

The Parish Council is currently lobbying for safety improvements on the A19 through Escrick.

More details are available on our A19 safety page.

Other highways concerns

The Parish Council is aware of various highways safety concerns. Whilst the Parish Council has relatively limited powers (we cannot set speed limits, nor install speed humps for example) - there are things that the Parish Council can do, including:

  • Ensuring the the County Councillor and highways authority are aware of the issues and strength of local feeling;
  • Establishing local initiatives, such as Community Speed Watch;
  • Investing in additional vehicle activated speed signs (subject to the permission of the highways authority);
  • Appearance/landscaping works to improve visibility and make the village appear more rural (evidence shows that drivers drive more slowly through areas with a strong village appearance).

We try to take a structured approach to understanding issues and options to address them:

Issue review stages.pdf

The current log of highways issues is available here:

Escrick Highways Issues 2018.pdf

North Selby Mine leisure park application

Harworth Estates Investments Limited are proposing the potential redevelopment of the former North Selby Mine site (located to the North East of the village) to a leisure development comprising of a range of touring caravan and glamping uses, static caravans and self contained lodges with associated facilities.

They held a public meeting at the Village Hall in September 2018, and are expected to submit a planning application in late 2018.

A link to the relevant planning documents on City of York Council website is here 

Many residents will be aware that the site currently has permission for the development of an anaerobic digestor. 

Minerals and waste:

There are several related, but slightly separate issues locally regarding minerals and waste:

  • Minerals and waste plan: North Yorkshire County Council, City of York Council and the North York Moors National Park Authority are working together to produce a Minerals and Waste Joint Plan covering all three planning authority areas. When finalised the new Joint Plan will help the three authorities take decisions on planning applications for minerals and waste development up to 31 December 2030. See our Minerals and Waste Plan page for details and our previous responses.
  • North Selby Mine site: This site features in the Minerals and Waste Plan and already has planning permission - see our archives for details. Note that the landowner is now pursuing the caravan park application (above) as an alternative for this site.
  • Plasmor application for extraction of clay west of A19: In 2017 Plasmor submitted a request for an 'Environmental Impact Assessment' for clay mining west of the A19, and a new link road to Stillingfleet Road. This is not a planning application itself, but it a step that usually precedes a planning application. The Parish Council intends to be ready to respond when a planning application is submitted.
  • Waste sorting centre at former Stillingfleet Mine: A planning application has been submitted to NYCC to convert part of the former Stillingfleet Mine site into a waste sorting centre - the Parish Council has submitted objections to this application, and has been working closely with neighbouring Parish Council and concerned residents to raise the profile of the objections. The application was due to be considered by NYCC's planning committee in July 2017, but was deferred at the request of the applicant to April 2018, and since further deferred whilst NYCC consider recent representations. 

York and Selby Local Plans:

Both City of York Council, and Selby District Council are in the process of finalising new Local Plans. A Local Plan is a statement of planning strategy and vision for the area, which amongst other things outlines areas for development of new housing.

Both local plans potentially impact upon Escrick:

  • The draft York plan previously proposing development on land immediately to the North of the village. This land has however been removed from the updated draft published in June 2016.
  • The Selby plan expected to include other locations around the village in line with Escrick's status as a Designated Service Village. Albeit the proposed allocation of new houses to Escrick is modest.

Additionally Escrick Parish Council are producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan which will provide more local guidance to planning decisions: See our NDP pages.

Other links:

The Royal Town Planning Institute provides a helpful summary of the purpose and process of creating local plans:

Street lighting:

Both North Yorkshire County Council and Escrick Parish Council have recently undertaken initiatives that affect the street lights provided in the village. The Parish Council is in the process of procuring a small number of additional street lights to address known dark spots.

See our street lighting page for more details.

Archived issues:

North Selby Mine planning application (2013 - 2014)

Public Right of Way application from Main St through Queen Margaret's school (2013-2014)

Waiting Restrictions on Main Street and Escrick Park Gardens (2014)

Street Lighting Report (2014) - report into options to replace Street Lights in Escrick