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Historically Selby District Council prepared a Local Plan and we as a Parish Council had the opportunity to comment and then respond as a consultee to planning applications only.  Now Central Government is encouraging communities to prepare their own Neighbourhood Development Plans so that they have a better opportunity to influence and control what happens in their area.


Selby District Council has an adopted Core Strategy Plan that now allocates Escrick as a Designated Service Village, which means that we are now likely to have to accommodate some residential development, the scale of which is currently unknown.  We would like to work with the community to try to influence what takes place where and what it should look like.  Also that key services and infrastructure that are needed to support it are also provided. 


We have applied for the Neighbourhood Development Plan Area to be that of Escrick Parish.  We cannot include that part of the village that lies within Deighton / York within it as this is a separate statutory area, but we can discuss key influences from it on us within the document in due course.  We are also conscious that large parts of the Parish are rural and that there are also wider highways / traffic, waste / mining, environmental etc issues that using the Parish boundaries as the Plan Area will allow us to also consider. 


This is the very first stage of the process.  Selby District Council has now placed a Press Notice in the Selby Times containing details of the consultation which runs from 14 September – 26 October 2017.   Individuals can make representation either online or by post to Selby District Council. 


Apart from giving us greater influence on the planning process for our community in the future (applications will have to be considered against what the adopted NDP Plan says in due course), the introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy by Selby District Council (a payment based on additional floorspace developed) will mean that more monies will be returned to the Parish to fund additional infrastructure and key projects that we all deem important. With a NDP in place, under current rules, we will receive 25% (instead of 15%) of levy funds collected by SDC to spend as we think fit within the Parish. 


The stages of creating a Plan are very logical:

  • Notify the District Council that we are intending to do this (this first stage)
  • Getting your inputs on what issues you think are important and want to see in the Plan
  • Creating an initial draft document for you to review and comment upon
  • Publishing the Plan formally as our vision of where and how we see development in the Parish taking place

We would encourage people to support the proposed Plan and area and to actively get involved in the process.  We will set up a public meeting in due course for those interested and look forward to working with you.  The note below is our application to Selby District Council for a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Escrick Parish.  Please have a look at our proposals and respond accordingly.

Please see this link to Selby District Council's website - and formal notice of the application.