Public and Patient Engagement Forum

published on 16th Oct 2014, 13:23

Tuesday 28 October 2014, 6-8pm

Be the commissioner!

In an innovative approach to involving the community in shaping decisions about local healthcare services, this event asks participants to take on the commissioning role.

You will have:

  • The CCG’s annual budget to spend on healthcare services
  • a responsibility to commission good quality, safe services
  • a duty to comply with NHS Standing Rules, promote the NHS Constitution and deliver effectiveness and efficiency.

The forum is one of the ways that the CCG gives local patients and members of the public the opportunity to have their say and get involved.

We hope that you can join us at Priory Street Centre, Priory Street, York. To confirm your attendance please phone 01904 555 870 or email

Cawood Bridge closure - Oct 2014

published on 10th Oct 2014, 13:07



North Yorkshire County Council hereby gives notice that from 19.10.14 until 23.10.14 inclusive, no person shall cause any vehicle to proceed across B1222, Cawood Bridge, Cawood in the District of Selby due to replacement of the traffic control barriers.

The closure will be put into effect when necessary by means of the erection of notices and signs. It is envisaged that the works will be undertaken from 08:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs on 19.10.14.

Access for pedestrians to premises on or adjacent to the road or only accessible from the road will be maintained at all times.

Vehicular access to properties on or adjacent to the road or only accessible from road will be maintained.

A local alternative route will be signed.

All enquiries to: Tel: 08458 72 73 74 – Ask for Selby Highways Office


Police Reports - October 2014

published on 7th Oct 2014, 22:09

The following information has been received from the Police recently:

Electrical goods sold from backs of vehicles

North Yorkshire Police have received a number of reports from the public about Irish travellers selling electrical items from the boots of cars or from backs of vans. Trading standards are also interested in viewing any electrical items bought from these people with a view to its safety. Please be cautious about buying any items from the backs of vehicles as the safety of the electrical items may be of concern. Please report the details, registration number, time and place etc to North Yorkshire Police on 101

Van used to steal metal

A white van, registration number NX54 SFO, is being used to steal metal in Selby district and Humberside. If this vehicle is seen please contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 giving times, date and place seen

​Yorkshire Energy Partnership 15th October 2014

published on 5th Oct 2014, 21:23

Yorkshire Energy Partnership, supported by Selby District Council, are hosting an event to promote renewable technologies and the recently launched Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The RHI is a government incentive to help people install renewable technologies such as ground and air source heat pumps. Householders will be paid for every unit of heat energy generated for seven years after the installation. They will also benefit from reduced energy bills due to the cheaper running costs of renewable technologies, particularly in areas not served by mains gas.

The event is being held Riccall Village Institute, Riccall on Wednesday 15th October from 10:00 to 18:00. Residents are encouraged to call in to speak to reputable local installers and have a look at some of the technologies up close. There will also be an opportunity to discuss other technologies such as solar panels and home insulation.

To reserve a place at the event, call Yorkshire Energy Partnership on 01904 545 020 or e-mail Anyone interested in installing renewables but who is unable to attend this event is also urged to get in touch to find out more. 

Recent incidents in Escrick

published on 28th Sep 2014, 15:42

Two crime incidents were reported to the Parish Council last week. 

Firstly in the church car park a car was broken into and valuables taken. It is important to note that these valuables were not visible and so the perpetrators saw where they were put prior to taking them.

Secondly, a white van with two men has been in the village pestering an elderly person for money. 

Both incidents have been reported to the police.

Residents please report any suspicious activity to the police and please remain vigilant about your valuables and our village. 

​Innovative health and care services

published on 24th Sep 2014, 13:14

You are invited to the above event hosted by the York Health and Wellbeing Board to hear about the plans and give your views on the changes that will be integral to deliver Care Hubs – the new, innovative models of care for the future.

Monday 24 November 2014, 2-4pm - Priory Street Centre, York


Notice of Temporary Speed Restriction

published on 17th Sep 2014, 21:25

Please click here to see the notice of a temporary 40 mph speed limit restriction on the A63 Selby By-Pass

Fibre broadband update

published on 17th Sep 2014, 16:09

As of 16th September, Fibre broadband is now available to most premises in Escrick.

Fibre broadband update

published on 15th Aug 2014, 20:45

A few people have asked me recently about Fibre Broadband availability in Escrick - getting detailed information out of BT OpenReach is difficult, so this is based on what I've managed to piece together, rather than an official position.  The official position is simply that you should check: and wait patiently!

For the more impatient or curious......

To get fibre broadband (known as "Fibre to the cabinet" - FTTC), your phone line needs to be connected to both an exchange that has been fibre enabled and a street cabinet (known as a Primary Connection Point cabinet - PCP) that has been enabled for fibre broadband. 

Significantly, only phone lines connected to PCP cabinets can get FTTC - phone lines that are connected directly to telephone exchanges cannot (known as "exchange only lines"). This is apparently because OfCom rules prohibit BT from installing the FTTC equipment within telephone exchange premises because it can interfere with other equipment.

For the Escrick area, historically most of Escrick village had "exchange only lines" - i.e. connected directly to the telephone exchange on the A19. There were two PCP cabinets connected to the Escrick exchange: Cabinet 1 for Stillingfleet; and Cabinet 2 for the Escrick Business Park on the A19.  

Cabinet 1 has recently been upgraded to offer fibre broadband, and hence most Stillingfleet residents should now be able to get fibre broadband.  Cabinet 2 has not yet been upgraded.

The more observant will notice that a few months ago a pair of new cabinets appeared outside the Escrick Telephone Exchange on the A19 - one of these is a new PCP cabinet (Cabinet 3) and one of these is a FTTC cabinet.  This is BT's approach for "exchange only" lines - namely to put a PCP cabinet outside the exchange, and move the phone lines from being exchange only lines into cabinet connections, and then connect them to a FTTC cabinet nearby.

You can use BT's website to see which cabinet or exchange your phone line is connected to by entering your number on the BT website:

If you are connected to a cabinet this will be shown on the first line - if no cabinet number is shown, you are most likely an "exchange only" line.

Given that the new cabinet 3 is physically installed, and that cabinet 1 has recently been upgraded to fibre broadband - hopefully this is a sign that fibre broadband is nearly here!

Selby District Association of Voluntary Service Newsletter Summer 2014

published on 7th Aug 2014, 20:32

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