Notice of Temporary Speed Restriction

published on 17th Sep 2014, 21:25

Please click here to see the notice of a temporary 40 mph speed limit restriction on the A63 Selby By-Pass

Fibre broadband update

published on 17th Sep 2014, 16:09

As of 16th September, Fibre broadband is now available to most premises in Escrick.

Fibre broadband update

published on 15th Aug 2014, 20:45

A few people have asked me recently about Fibre Broadband availability in Escrick - getting detailed information out of BT OpenReach is difficult, so this is based on what I've managed to piece together, rather than an official position.  The official position is simply that you should check: and wait patiently!

For the more impatient or curious......

To get fibre broadband (known as "Fibre to the cabinet" - FTTC), your phone line needs to be connected to both an exchange that has been fibre enabled and a street cabinet (known as a Primary Connection Point cabinet - PCP) that has been enabled for fibre broadband. 

Significantly, only phone lines connected to PCP cabinets can get FTTC - phone lines that are connected directly to telephone exchanges cannot (known as "exchange only lines"). This is apparently because OfCom rules prohibit BT from installing the FTTC equipment within telephone exchange premises because it can interfere with other equipment.

For the Escrick area, historically most of Escrick village had "exchange only lines" - i.e. connected directly to the telephone exchange on the A19. There were two PCP cabinets connected to the Escrick exchange: Cabinet 1 for Stillingfleet; and Cabinet 2 for the Escrick Business Park on the A19.  

Cabinet 1 has recently been upgraded to offer fibre broadband, and hence most Stillingfleet residents should now be able to get fibre broadband.  Cabinet 2 has not yet been upgraded.

The more observant will notice that a few months ago a pair of new cabinets appeared outside the Escrick Telephone Exchange on the A19 - one of these is a new PCP cabinet (Cabinet 3) and one of these is a FTTC cabinet.  This is BT's approach for "exchange only" lines - namely to put a PCP cabinet outside the exchange, and move the phone lines from being exchange only lines into cabinet connections, and then connect them to a FTTC cabinet nearby.

You can use BT's website to see which cabinet or exchange your phone line is connected to by entering your number on the BT website:

If you are connected to a cabinet this will be shown on the first line - if no cabinet number is shown, you are most likely an "exchange only" line.

Given that the new cabinet 3 is physically installed, and that cabinet 1 has recently been upgraded to fibre broadband - hopefully this is a sign that fibre broadband is nearly here!

Selby District Association of Voluntary Service Newsletter Summer 2014

published on 7th Aug 2014, 20:32

Click here  to read

​Post Office Closure

published on 25th Jul 2014, 22:04

As many people will be aware, Trevor is retiring from his Postmaster role this summer.

As such the Escrick Post Office will close at the end of business on Monday 4th August.

The village shop will continue to open as normal, but the Post Office facilities will no longer be available.

Land to the North of Escrick - Update from Escrick Park Estate with Linden Homes Limited

published on 24th Jun 2014, 18:12

At recent Parish Council and Parish Meetings, Escrick Park Estate’s proposals for residential development on land to the north of Escrick were described by the Estate’s Planning Consultant. Since the Parish Meeting, the Estate has agreed terms for the development of the site with Linden Homes Limited who will now take over the promotion of the site lying to the north of Dower Chase/Dower Park and the Mine Road, with support from the Estate.

Linden Homes wish to confirm the following:

  • All their residential schemes are design-lead and tailored to meet the needs and character of the area, and on this site will include bungalows.
  • Linden’s detailed scheme will retain the off-site recreational, landscape, junction improvements and permissive footpath proposals previously put forward by the Estate.
  • Linden Homes consider that “average” residential densities are not appropriate in this location and that the site (i.e. the combined areas currently proposed by CYC for housing and as safeguarded land), cannot accommodate anything like 250 dwellings. Their architects are currently working on a site layout which will deliver in the order of 150-160 homes.

Consultation Notice from Escrick Parish Council

published on 20th Jun 2014, 16:06

Proposed Housing Development Sites in Escrick

More details

Tour de France - Traffic Disruption

published on 3rd Jun 2014, 20:21

The Parish Council has been advised of significant disruption to traffic movements in certain parts of the country over the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th July when Yorkshire hosts the Tour de France Grand Départ.  The route will be:

5th July - Stage One: Leeds travelling out to Otley; entering North Yorkshire in Craven; moving on to Skipton and the Yorkshire Dales; ending in Harrogate.

6th July - Stage Two: York travelling to Knaresborough and Harrogate; travelling on to Bolton Abbey; finishing in Sheffield.

Road closures and temporary traffic management will be used on other roads leading to the race route to ensure the safe movement of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to spectator points along the routes.  Full details of all the closures, including indicative timings, are on North Yorkshire County Council's website.  No parking will be permitted on the race route at any time during 5th and 6th July 2014 and any vehicles parked during this time will be removed.

Keep up with the latest news on Twitter - follow #TourDeFrance 

Contact NYCC Customer Services at  0845 241 1307

Big Police Debate

published on 3rd Jun 2014, 20:16

The Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, Julia Mulligan, has launched the Big Police Debate: a major public consultation exercise which will shape the future of policing and community safety in your area.  There is a public survey on, which will run until 15th June.  This is open to any member of the public who wishes to contribute.

Annual Parish Meeting 2014

published on 4th May 2014, 13:56

Annual Parish Meeting

To be held on 27th May at 7pm at Escrick and Deighton Club

Light Refreshments will be served

The Annual Parish Meeting is an opportunity for parishioners on the Electoral Roll for Escrick to raise any matters of concern to them that relates to their local community.

This is NOT a Parish Council meeting. It is helpful to have written notice of any matters to be raised but it is not essential. Matters can be raised at the meeting without prior notice. For any queries, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, Linda Reader (

This year, among other presenters, there will be a presentation by Jennifer Hubbard, Town Planning Consultant, about potential areas of development north of Escrick.

The Future of the Post Office in Escrick

The Agenda will be published on the website and the Parish Council noticeboard

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