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Social Isolation Survey

published on 14th Jun 2018

Selby District Council are supporting a new third sector leaders group to gather evidence to inform a lottery bid to tackle social isolation. They need to collect 1000 responses from the community to get their opinion on loneliness and isolation.

Residents are encouraged to respond using the link below:


Parish Magazine update - June 2018

published on 29th May 2018

The following notice appeared in June's Parish Magazine

Escrick Parish Council

The May meeting took place after the magazine went to press, so a summary will appear in next month’s magazine. Meanwhile a brief update on local issues:

Stillingfleet Mine Waste Sorting Centre planning application - The Parish Council (and neighbouring Parish Councils) have been working with a group of residents to oppose this proposed application. Determination has been postponed from May’s Planning and Regulatory Affairs Committee whilst NYCC consider recent representations. We will provide further updates via our website and Facebook if the situation changes.

Neighbourhood Development Plan
As part of the Parish Council’s desire to influence, guide and shape District and County planning for the village and its environs, we are about to start a new project: to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for Escrick Parish, which will form part of the statutory planning decision making process once complete. This will review housing, business and commercial development, and the infrastructure needs of the Parish for the next 10 years period.  We are one of five areas within Selby DC starting such a Plan.

Building our Plan will be community driven, and we will be asking for views and opinions through a series of events and questionnaires over the coming year.  To build and deliver our Plan, we need additional volunteers from the Parish to work alongside a small team of Parish Councillors and consultants throughout the process.  As part of the new project Working Group, volunteers will help determine issues to be addressed, gather information, post flyers, help set up events, and communicate to the wider community on progress and outcomes.

We will be holding a public meeting to explain more about the process and discuss how to get involved at 3pm on Sunday 10th June in Escrick Village Hall - all welcome to attend.
We will also post more information and documentation on our NDP webpage 

If you would like more information, or would like to discuss becoming a volunteer, please contact Cllr Tudor Rees by email at or  on 07718801619 .

Parish Council vacancies
We have two vacancies for Parish Councillors at present. If you live in the Parish and would like to help shape the role of the Parish Council please do consider joining. The role takes 2 - 3 hours per month (more if you wish). If you might be interested or would like to learn more, please contact the Chair or any Councillor (contact details below)

Pavements and verges
We continue to get complaints about pavements and verges. In particular, please can residents keep hedgerows/bushes/trees trimmed so that these don’t encroach upon the footpaths. Also, please can residents refrain from parking on pavements and verges.  We have at least two wheelchair users in the village, and even partially blocking the pavement makes their movement around the village difficult (and similar for parents with prams and pushchairs). Parking on verges continue to cause damage to the verges themselves, and we have had a further instance of a water pipe being cracked by a vehicle driving over the verge above it. (The water pipes in parts of Escrick are quite shallow beneath the verges).

Parish Council meeting dates:  Future meetings:  4th June, 2nd July, (No meeting in August). All meetings at 7.30pm at Escrick & Deighton Club. Public welcome.
Contact:  Chair (Richard Rowson),; Clerk (Helen Guest),; Website:

Derwent & Minster Lions Concert 2018

published on 24th May 2018

Community Engagement Forum

published on 22nd May 2018

Please see attached flyer from the Community Engagement Forum



published on 10th May 2018 (updated on 18th May 2018)

Urgent repairs to Cawood Bridge are required to the gear ring which has sustained damage where teeth have sheared off. The gear box mountings are also in need of repair as they have corroded to the point where the gear boxes are not adequately supported.

The Canal and River Trust have been apprised that the bridge is unable to swing until we carry out these repairs.

The repair works are going to happen in the following stages:

Tuesday 15th May between 9am till 9pm there will be a full road closure to vehicles, access will be maintained for pedestrians and cyclists.  The road closure is required to allow the safe removal of the gearboxes x 2 via a hi-ab that will need the full road space so access to the gear ring and at the same time the mountings will be repaired.  As soon as the gearboxes have been lifted by a hi-ab the road can be re-opened.  We will only know if the road can be open sooner once we start the removal.   Please note that if we encounter any issues then a road closure may be required for a second day.

Repairs to the gear ring / gear box mountings will be done following their removal and there will be no closure needed during this week.

AMENDED DATE: Friday 25th May the road will need to be closed to vehicular traffic between 9am till 9pm to install the gear boxes back onto the bridge again access to pedestrians and cyclists will be maintained.  A full test of the bridge and re-commissioning is necessary before re-opening of the road.  Potentially a second day may be required if any issues are encountered with the installation, commissioning.

Unfortunately these works are only a temporary fix to ensure that the bridge remains operational until the full major upgrade which is planned for October.

The Senior Bridge Engineer will be on site on both days so that updates on road closure timings and progress being made can be publicised.

The County Council would like to apologise in advance for any disruption and inconvenience this urgent works causes.

Escrick Heritage Newsletter May 2018

published on 10th May 2018

Please see attached newsletter from the Escrick Heritage project.

Escrick Heritage Newsletter - May 2018.pdf

Parish Council Vacancy

published on 9th May 2018

We currently have several vacancies for Parish Councillors in Escrick.

Any adult resident of the Parish can apply to be a Parish Councillor. The main commitment is to attend the monthly Parish Council meetings (usually with a bit of background reading before), albeit there is also opportunity to get involved in other working groups if you have more time available. 

The Parish Council oversees several local amenities, and makes representations on behalf of residents to other bodies. More information about the Parish Council's activities can be found on our website: 

If you are interested, or would like to understand more, please contact the chair (, the Clerk ( or speak to any Councillor.

Parish Magazine update - May 2018

published on 16th Apr 2018 (updated on 10th May 2018)

The following appeared in May's Parish Magazine:

Escrick Parish Council:

A19: The PC has discussed various concerns relating to the A19 with District and County Councillors. Parish Councillors expressed their frustration that there appeared to be a lack of a joined up approach between highways planning and planning permission for new developments.

Speed mitigation measures: It was noted that during the first 10 weeks of 2018, the police camera van caught 51 speeding vehicles on Skipwith Road, The PC is considering other measures within its control, such as vehicle activated speed signs, or ‘village gates’. NYCC are currently consulting on their policy for vehicle activated signs. The PC will decide next steps in September once the NYCC consultation has concluded.

Stillingfleet Mine site redevelopment:  North Yorkshire County Council’s (NYCC) decision on planning permission for a waste sorting facility at the former Stillingfleet Mine site had been deferred until May.

Neighbourhood Plan consultants: The Parish Council has applied for a grant to cover the costs of developing a Neighbourhood Plan.

Litter bin for A19 lay-by: The PC will provide a litter bin in the lay-by north of the business park.

Beacons of Light: The Village Green Association will be organising a beacon lighting on the village green to commemorate 100 years since the end of WWI on the evening of 11th November.

Street lighting: The PC will procure two additional street lights for Carr Lane to address the remaining dark areas on Carr Lane.

Parish Council meeting dates:  Future meetings: Monday 14th May (both the Annual Parish Meeting, and Annual Meeting of the Parish Council), 4th June, 2nd July. All meetings at 7.30pm at Escrick & Deighton Club. Public welcome. 

Contact:  Chair (Richard Rowson),; Clerk (Helen Guest),; Website:


Cold Calling Stickers

published on 16th Apr 2018

In response to recent concerns from residents regarding cold-callers knocking at doors in Escrick, the Parish Council has discussed the options available to it.

It was agreed that the most pragmatic approach is to supply concerned residents with window stickers to display at their doors.  It is illegal for uninvited traders to call at properties displaying one of these stickers.

If you would like a sticker, please send an email with your address to and we will deliver a sticker within the next week or two.

Monday Players - How the vote was won

published on 10th Apr 2018


A cabaret evening of original plays, verses and songs to celebrate the centenary of women getting the vote (some of them, anyway!).

Many plays were written by suffrage campaigners and their supporters to highlight the arguments for and against giving women the vote. They were performed at rallies and other public meetings, primarily to entertain and encourage those who already supported the cause. Most were not written by professional playwrights and they are not necessarily literary masterpieces. Their power lies in their subject matter, not in the quality of the writing.

The Monday Players decided that the centenary of (some) women getting the vote in February 1918 was a historic moment well worth commemorating and celebrating in its own right. But women’s suffrage campaigners wanted the vote, not just as a matter of principle, but because of the ability it would give women to put pressure on politicians to address other issues where women were badly treated. These included double standards in sexual matters and unequal pay. Recent stories of the abuse of women by men in positions of power over them, and of the persistence of unequal pay, demonstrate the continuing relevance of the battle that reached a milestone, but not a conclusion, one hundred years ago...

17th, 18th and 19th May 2018 at 7.30pm
The Village Hall, Escrick

Tickets £8 - including 'nibbles and treats'

There will be a CASH BAR available during the evening

Tickets available from:
Monday Players Members
01904 728303

Further details on the production are available on our website:

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