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Escrick has had a website since 2004 - coinciding with the installation of broadband into the village. The website was refreshed and revamped during 2013 - and updated in 2014 to make it easier to access on mobile phones.

The website has two key areas:

  • Parish Council information maintained by the Parish Council clerk,
  • General village information and events diary maintained on a volunteer basis, by myself (Richard Rowson) a resident in the village.

I try to keep the information up to date based on a variety of sources - not least word of mouth - but contributions and corrections are always welcomed (via the contact page).

The website is primarily aimed at residents of Escrick - albeit I recognise it is also important for people considering visiting or moving to Escrick. When the website first launched in 2004 not many businesses had their own website, so the website also acted as a business directory for the village. Increasingly this is unnecessary as most businesses can be found online - and the website focuses on providing the key information for residents that cannot easily be found elsewhere, and a free 'noticeboard' for village clubs and societies to promote themselves.


The website gets around 700 - 800 visits per month, from around 500 unique users. This is steadily increasing at about 25% year on year, with some notable peaks in visits when there have been public consultations on topics of notable interest to the village.

A third of visitors access the website more than once per month.

45% visit the website from a computer, 35% from a mobile phone, and 20% from a tablet.

40 people are signed up to receive email alerts for changes or new content on the website.

The homepage (unsurprisingly) is the most popular page, the top five pages are:

  • Homepage
  • Council Minutes & Agendas
  • Notices
  • Clubs & societies
  • Village Hall

The core website consists of around 50 pages, and over 100 notices have been published on the site since it was revamped in 2013.