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Parish Council

Before contacting the Parish Council please check our FAQs page to see if another body is responsible for handling for your query. Many services in the Parish are provided by the District Council or County Council. If possible please contact the relevant body directly.

Please be aware the Parish Council is a small organisation. The clerk works 6 hours per week, and councillors are volunteers that generally have other day jobs. The Parish Council cannot therefore offer a rapid response service.

For matters relating to the Parish Council, please contact the clerk at:

Please note that our privacy policy applies to any information supplied to the Parish Council, and that some correspondence may be subject to disclosure under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.


We welcome suggestions and contributions for the website. In particular, please contact us if you run a club or society, or are hosting a public event and would like to be listed. If you spot any errors or omissions on the website, please also let us know.

For matters relating to the website, please contact the website editor at: or via the contact form.

Village Hall

For village hall bookings, please see the village hall page

Parish Magazine

To contact the Parish magazine, please see the Parish Magazine page