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A19 - Escrick:

ServiceDestinationDue atEstimatedOperator
415York Piccadilly14:1114:14Arriva Yorkshire
415Selby Bus Station14:1714:18Arriva Yorkshire
415York Piccadilly14:2614:26Arriva Yorkshire
415Selby Bus Station14:3214:32Arriva Yorkshire
415York Piccadilly14:4114:41Arriva Yorkshire
415Selby Bus Station14:4714:47Arriva Yorkshire
415York Piccadilly14:5614:56Arriva Yorkshire
415Selby Bus Station15:0215:02Arriva Yorkshire
415York Piccadilly15:1115:11Arriva Yorkshire
415Selby Bus Station15:1715:17Arriva Yorkshire
415York Piccadilly15:2615:26Arriva Yorkshire
415Selby Bus Station15:3615:36Arriva Yorkshire
415York Piccadilly15:4115:41Arriva Yorkshire
415Selby Bus Station15:5115:51Arriva Yorkshire
415York Piccadilly15:5615:56Arriva Yorkshire
415Selby Bus Station16:0616:06Arriva Yorkshire
415York Piccadilly16:1116:11Arriva Yorkshire
415Selby Bus Station16:2116:21Arriva Yorkshire
415York Piccadilly16:3116:31Arriva Yorkshire
415Selby Bus Station16:3616:36Arriva Yorkshire
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Bus stop locations: The bus stop for Escrick village is unmarked. Buses stop on the A19 by the Church Lychgate northbound towards York, and A19 opposite the Church Lychgate southbound towards Selby. The 415 bus does not stop in the lay-bys outside the telephone exchange, nor does it run through the village itself.