Escrick Public Access Defibrillator

Escrick has a Public Access Defibrillator - located on the front wall of the Escrick & Deighton Club.

It's there for anyone to use on someone in cardiac arrest.

After a cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and defibrillation reduces someone's chance of survival by 10 per cent. Hence in rural locations such as Escrick having a Public Access Defibrillator can save vital minutes whilst waiting for an ambulance.

It is simple and safe. The machine gives clear spoken instructions. You don't need training to use it. Don't delay or interrupt chest compressions to get it, send someone else. Don't wait for someone to have a heart attack either, if you think they might be about to have one, send someone to get it just in case - you can always put it back again. If you are still not confident using it, the 999 emergency operator can also help you.

Once in position, the defibrillator detects the heart's rhythm. It won't deliver a shock unless one is needed.

You can read more about how it works in this leaflet or this demonstration video:

There is more information about Public Access Defibrillators in general on the British Heart Foundation website.

The defibrillator was purchased by Escrick Parish Council, through a British Heart Foundation subsidy and a grant from the North Yorkshire County Councillor Locality Budget.

CPR training

Whilst it is important to note that you do not need training to use the defibrillator, learning CPR is a valuable skill to have.

The Parish Council also have community CPR training equipment and DVDs - if you are interested in borrowing the equipment please contact the chair ( Similarly, if you are interested in having a CPR training session these can be arranged - ideal for small groups (some village groups have incorporated them into their regular meetings).

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