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Parish Magazine Update - October 2016

published on 9th Sep 2016

Parish Council Vacancies:

A number of our Councillors have stood down this summer - we thank them all for their significant contribution over recent years.

As a result we have a number of Parish Councillor vacancies - if you are interested or might be interested and want to learn more about it please contact either the Chair (Richard Rowson, or the Clerk (Helen Guest, More details about the role of the Parish Council and its councillors can be found on our website,

A19 safety consultation:

In August the Council had a site meeting with NYCC Highways to discuss issues associated with crossing/joining the A19 in Escrick.

The Council intend to continue to escalate residents’ concerns regarding the A19 through the village.


The council has submitted an application via our NYCC Councillor for ‘locality funding’ to cover the costs of maintenance of the area around the fountain on A19 / Main St.

A pair of residents have volunteered to look at the feasibility of restoring the fountain to working order as a longer term initiative.

Budget 2017/2018:

The Council has received various suggestions for potential expenditure from residents - such as grit bins, extra lighting, extra grass cutting, or donations to local groups. The Council will consult with residents and consider these as part of its annual budgeting process in November/December.

Street lights:

The replacement programme is now largely complete (three lights remaining at the time of writing).

The Council continues to receive complaints regarding trees obscuring street lighting. A reminder - it is residents’ responsibilities to maintain trees on their land so that they do not obstruct street lighting, signs and pavements.


Concerns have been raised regarding parking on pavements and verges around the village. This causes a variety of problems, including obstructing the pavement, obscuring sight lines at key junctions, damaging the grass verges and in a couple of cases damage has occurred to water pipes beneath the verge. Residents and their visitors are requested to avoid parking on pavements.

War memorial:

The cleaning of the war memorial (located at the Church) has been completed, and the memorial looks much better for it.

Council responsibilities:

We recognise that many people are not clear on the different roles of the Parish Council, Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council.

We have put a summary of these on the Parish Council noticeboard on Main St and on our website:

Parish Council Meeting dates for 2016: 3rd October, 7th November, 5th December. All meetings at 7.30pm at Escrick & Deighton Club.

Parish Magazine Update - August 2016

published on 11th Jul 2016

A19 safety consultation:

Last month the council submitted the Speed Awareness Forms to the North Yorkshire ’95 alive’ partnership, along with a covering letter explaining our concerns with safety on the A19.

We have received a response citing that evidence from March 2016 demonstrates that there is not a speeding problem on the A19 and that the current 40mph limit is appropriate for the road.

The Parish Council intend to seek a further discussion with North Yorkshire highways department to continue to push for safety improvements to the road. A copy of our letter and the reply are on our website:

CPR training - Wednesday 21st September:

If the heart of someone you loved stopped beating would you know what to do?

Every year over 30,000 cardiac arrests happen outside of hospital - often witnessed by family members and friends. Effective CPR performed immediately on someone suffering a cardiac arrest can buy time for professional help to arrive, and in some cases can help double a person's survival chances.

Escrick Parish Council has obtained a British Heart Foundation CPR training kit. The kit delivers several short DVD based training courses, along with manikins to practice upon.

We will be holding a community training session at the Village Hall on Wednesday 21st September at 7.30pm. If you are interested in attending, please email (so we have a rough idea of numbers).

The training kit is also available for other Escrick based groups to borrow and coordinate their own training. The training takes less than an hour and is suitable for anyone over 12. If you would like to discuss arranging your own training for your own group please contact Richard -

War memorial:

The council has arranged to have the war memorial (located at the Church) professionally cleaned, and is coordinating fund raising towards this work. To avoid delay to undertaking the work, the Parish Council has agreed to underwrite the cost of the work (about £1000). Donations from residents or local businesses towards the cost are gratefully received. Please contact or any Parish Councillor if you would like to make a donation (cheques payable to ‘Escrick Parish Council’).

Website: The website contains a wide range of information about the village and Parish Council. You can also sign-up to receive news alerts by email.

Parish Council Meeting dates for 2016: 5th September, 3rd October, 7th November, 5th December. All meetings at 7.30pm at Escrick & Deighton Club.

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