26th April 2004

PRESENT: Mr T Wilson (Chairman), Mr I Reynolds, Mr S Smowton, Mr C Forbes Adam, Mr P Gowthorpe, Mr P Skilbeck, Mr B Reader, Mr B Forster, Mr M Russell, M s J Wanless, District Councillor Liz Casling, NYCC Mr D Ashton


Parish Council Website Mr Smowton reported that details of how to obtain the website with links to different areas will be published in the parish magazine at the end of May. BT Broadband goes live in the village on 11 August 2004.

Village hall car park The query on whether the VAT is refundable has still not been decided.

Selby by-pass Still unopened due to problems with the swing bridge. According to the Evening Press it should open end of June.

Sewage in beck Liz Casling reported that this is okay now.

Clerk's salary Beth Jones has worked an extra month and Mr Wilson proposed she was paid for this period and Mr Forster seconded this. The amount is £125.60.

Skipwith Road junction Mr Ashton reported that a survey is going to be taken on the A19 from Fulford right through to Barlby and this would include the new roundabout at Riccall which is going ahead. He suggested questions should be asked about any benefits the new works at Cliffe and Hemingbrough on the A63 have had. He also reported that the police were going to install speed cameras. The sewage mains at Deighton Grove seem to be collapsing and only patchy repairs were being made.

Election of officers

Chairman - Mr I Reynolds
Proposed - Mr C Forbes Adam
Seconded - Mr M Russell
Vice-chairman - Mr S Smowton
Proposed - Mr M Russell
Seconded - Mr I Reynolds
Conservation officer - Mr B Reader
Planning officer - Mr B Forster
Signatures for cheque book to be Mr I Reynolds, Mr B Forster, Mrs V Cumberland

At this point Mr T Wilson stepped down and Mr I Reynolds took the meeting.

Church gate posts Mr B Reader told the meeting a benefactor had been found for this and the request for EPC to fund this was not required.

Lighting contract Appoint Brooks Bank. Write and reconfirm his contract.

Accounts were agreed and signed.

Insurance It was suggested that quotes were to be requested and to find out from the insurers the amount of PL cover.


8/10/64B/PA - approved
8/10/208/0238 -not supported - the property seems to be a 'let only' and the new extension is to increase its let value
8/10/13H/PA - approved
8/10/24BZ/PA - not supported - question the need to have them situated so near private housing and the question of whether there would be floodlights installed in future
8/10/207/PA - approved
8/10/205/PA - approved
8/10/206/PA - approved


NYCC - Selby Area Review of Local Bus Services. This service is not generally used as there is already a very good service between Selby and York

SDC - alleged breached of planning legislation. No reply required.

Recreation Open Space Commuted Sum - Escrick

Mr T Wilson reported this letter is a reminder that the fund is still available for a further year and if not taken will go to another parish. He also reported that they wanted the Parish Council to pay the PL insurance for the playing field equipment and also they would like the Parish Council to purchase the equipment so that the VAT could be claimed. These two points were both rejected and a request for a member of the Playfield committee to attend the next Parish Council meeting. Mr S Smowton and Mr P Skilbeck to action.


Letter from Deighton Parish Council requesting the mine to become a countryside centre for the City of York. Mr I Reynolds to reply that the original agreement that when the mine ceased the land was to returned to agricultural or forestry use only.

Letter from John Reader offering to join the Parish Council. Reply welcoming him as a co-opted member.

Thanks were given to Mr P Gowthorpe for his services on the Parish Council who is retiring.

Letter from SEA/CIP Working Group about a meeting to be held on Tuesday 4 May 2004 at North Duffield. Copy of this letter to be given to Amanda Ingledrew.

Mr B Reader reported a dangerous chestnut tree across from bowling green in the home of Mr & Mrs Connell. Mr Reynolds to visit them and offer any advice and give them Mike Harrison at SDC as a contact. He also asked if the sign for 'Saddler's Way' could be spelt correctly - it only has a single 'd' at present. Colin Jackson at the Highways at SDC to be contacted.

Mr P Gowthorpe enquired about the bus shelter request at Hollicarrs and this is part of the A19 review.

Mr M Russell reported the holes in Skipwith Road at Dower Chase are still appearing and only patchy repairs have been made. He will give a further report at the next meeting.

Mr P Skilbeck is concerned that the environment agency who are going to take over the beck will not look after this as well as the Ouse & Derwent drainage board have done and would like the latter to continue. This to be discussed at the next meeting.

Mr S Smowton asked if we have had a reply on why our objections to Queen Margaret's building were over ruled. He also reported that the building work on the village school has commenced on time and should be completed as scheduled by September.

Date of next meeting Monday 7th June 2004 in the Escrick and Deighton Club.