24th April 2006

PRESENT: Mr Ian Reynolds (chair); Mr Steve Smowton (vice-chair); Mr Brian Forster; Mr Peter Skilbeck; Ms Judy Wanless; Mr Bill Reader; Mr John Reader; Mrs Gina Mannix; Mrs Liz Casling (North Yorkshire County Councillor and Selby District Councillor)

APOLOGIES: Mrs Carole Wainwright; Mr Charles Forbes Adam; Mr Mike Russell



YELLOW LINES ALONG MAIN STREET: Mrs Casling has requested the lines be painted where there is a break. This had been unable to be completed when the contractors did the initial work as there had been a vehicle parked on the road which they had been unable to move. Complaints had been made from a resident further along Main Street where the yellow lines finish as vehicles were now parking there and deliveries cannot be made. The complainant suggested the whole of Main Street have double yellow lines and it was agreed that this was not necessary; the safety aspect primarily concerned the junction with the A19.

SKIPWTIH ROAD WASTEBIN: The post has now been removed.

LIGHT AT THE LYCH GATE OUTSIDE THE CHURCH: Mr Bill Reader reported that the light has been fixed and it was agreed unanimously that the EPC will pay for future maintenance work.

NEW BUS STOPS ON A19: Mr Forster reported that Arriva are not using these stops as they are opposing these new stops. Arriva, the police and NYCC are to have a joint meeting to discuss these stops.

DUCK POND: Mr Reynolds has ordered two signs with the words "Beware" and will donate these to the village green.

OVERHANGING BRANCH CARR LANE: Mark Lumby from NYCC has contacted the owner of the property and this overhanging branch has now been cut back.

VEHICLE ACTUATED SIGNS: Paul Sheppard from NYCC has replied that there are no plans to put VAS in Escrick but has offered to meet with the Council to discuss the options for reducing vehicle speeds through the two main routes in the village. The council will be taking up his offer; the Chair, Mrs Mannix and Mrs Casling will organise this.

Action: Steve Smowton to organise meeting.

ESCRICK PLAYING FIELD ASSOCIATION: Mrs Gina Mannix has paid to the EPC £395.00 for the signage. The total amount in the bank is £1,184.31. A grant of £5,800 has been obtained for the development of the area at the bottom of the playing fields known as the paddock. This work is anticipated to start in October 2006. She thanked Groundwork Selby for their help in securing this grant. The yearly safety check is to be done by 21st May by an outside body. Mr Reynolds reported that a couple of nights ago he and found some youngsters in the field after dark smoking. When he approached these youngsters he was verbally abused. Queen Maragaret's headmaster had been informed but it was suspected that some of them were residents of Escrick. Mr Reynolds has contacted Mr Tomlinson for the docks to be sprayed.

Mr Casling has not received any details about the special graffiti paint. She has enquired about CCTV being installed but was told that Escrick is classed as a low priority compared to other areas in the Selby district.

Action: LC to obtain paint costs.


Treasurer's account 1: £5923.47
Money Manager account: £1,620.99
Treasurer's account 2: £34.50

It was agreed to pay:

Room hire Escrick & Deighton Club: £20.00
Yorkshire Local Councils Ass. - membership: £198.00
Rhomark Signs for EPFA the VAT: £69.13
Headley Brothers - Local Council review subs for 3 yrs: £25.20
Allianz Cornhill - renewal of insurance: £1,162.08
Mrs V Cumberland - telephone: £23.85
Npower: £1225.43
Mazars: £352.50


8/10/177C/PA: Erection of a first floor extension to the side of Benmore Lodge Carr Lane Escrick. No objections. Permission granted by SDC.

8/10/114C/PA: Proposed erection of 1 No 6 bedroomed detached dwelling following demolition of existing dwelling at About Thyme Hollicarrs Close Escrick. Given the inspector approved the applicant's appeal, with regard to their previous application. We acknowledge his views but given the size and design of the new property we still feel in our opinion that this represents an over-development of the site. Taking the size of other properties on the estate and also that the original application many years ago was for detached and semi-detached bungalows to replace what was then existing on the original site. We therefore object to the new application. If the council does approve the application we would still like a condition applied to protect the interests of the other residents on the estate with regard to the entrance road should it be damaged due to the construction traffic during the development. The applicant should be responsible for any repairs.

8/10/162B/PA: Proposed single storey front extension The Laurels 9 Carrs Meadow Escrick. No objections. Permission granted by SDC.

8/10/226/PA: Proposed 2 storey extension to side and single storey extension to the rear The Hedgerow 14 Skipwith Road Escrick. No objections.

8/09/117/PA: Appeal by Mr E C Peat regarding site at Stillingfleet Mine Cawood Road Stillingfleet.

8/10/201A/PA: Proposed first floor extension and conservatory to the rear at 23 The Glade Escrick - revised drawing. No objections.

8/10/103A/PA: Consent to fell sycamore tree T10 and crown sycamore tree T12 within TPO No 4/1977 at 21 Dower Chase Escrick - check details with regard to correct location of proposed trees/should be No 9 as No 10 appears to have been removed.

8/10/24CD/PA: Erection of a CCTV column Queen Margarets School, Escrick. No objections.

8/10/225A/PA: Erection of a 3 bedroom detached dwelling following demolition of existing at Gilbertson Cottage Escrick Road Wheldrake. These plans have only just been received and Mr Forster will investigate.


Mr Ian Reynolds resigned as the chairman. Mr Steve Smowton was elected as chairman and this was proposed by Mr Brian Forster and seconded by Mrs Gina Mannix. All agreed unanimously.

Mr Briain Forster was proposed as vice-chair by Mr Ian Reynolds and seconded by Mr John Reader and all unanimously agreed.

The Planning representative to be Mr Brian Forster and this was proposed by Mrs Gina Mannix and seconded by Ms Judy Wanless and all unanimously agreed. Mr Mike Russell to be asked if he will continue as the substitute planning representative.

Action: SS to ask MR if he will continue this post.

Mrs Gina Mannix was proposed by Mr John Reader as the representative for the Escrick Playing Field Association and this was seconded by Mr Ian Reynolds and this was unanimously agreed. Mr Mike Russell to be asked if he will continue as the representative for the neighbourhood watch and for the village green committee.

Action: SS to ask MR if he will continue this post.

Mr Bill Reader to continue as the Conservation Area representative and this was proposed by Mr Ian Reynolds and seconded by Mr John Reader and all agreed unanimously.

Mr Steve Smowton as the new chairman thanked Mr Reynolds for his hard work and considerable contribution during the past two years as the chair of EPC.


A letter from Selby District community with reference to lighter safer communities project has been received stating that the deadline for the request for the monies for this was nearly due. Mr Reynolds reported that the Police had advised that a street light was needed outside Derwent Court on Skipwith Road but no quotes had been requested for this work.

Action: SS to reply.

A letter from a resident was received about the condition of the footpath outside Dower Park. This section of the footpath originally had a wall which had been demolished and covered over and this had worn away resulting in an uneven surface which had become a hazard. The writer's wife as a result of falling on this had fractured her wrist.

Action: SS to follow up and reply.

It was agreed that the Parish Council would carry out a check of the pavements in the village.

Action: SS to organise.


Mr John Reader enquired if the safety checks are going to be published and these are recorded in the minutes.

The clerk to do a schedule of the eight meeting dates of Escrick Parish council for the full year and these to be published on the website.

Action: Clerk

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday May 22nd 2006