26th JUNE 2006

Mr Steve Smowton (chair)
Mr Brian Forster (vice-chair)
Mr Mike Russell
Mr Peter Skilbeck
Ms Judy Wanless
Mr Bill Reader
Mrs Gina Mannix
Mr John Reader
Mr Ian Reynolds
Mrs Liz Casling

APOLOGIES: Mr Charles Forbes Adam; Mrs Carole Wainwright



VEHICLE ACTUATED SIGNS: Mr Smowton has emailed SDC again with no response at present. Action - SS

ANTI GRAFFITI PAINT COSTS: Mr Skilbeck has investigated paint costs and which would be approximately £200. Mrs Casling confirmed that Selby District Council will pay the costs of the paint and the Parish Council will only have to pay the labour costs of the painting. The paint to be purchased by EPC and the invoice to be sent directly to SDC. A proposal was made to place a notice in the bus shelter saying "For use by bus passengers only" and the sign will be ordered by Mr Reynolds. Mr Smowton will advise Mr Reynolds on the wording for the sign. Actions - SS

LIGHTER SAFER COMMUNITIES PROJECT: Mr Forster reported the cost quoted by Mr Brooksbank of £270 included the lamp post and the installation. A request for a quotation for the electricity to be connected was completed by the Clerk, but a response is still awaited. The Clerk to chase IUS Connections Centre. Action - VC

CHECK OF THE PAVEMENTS: Mrs. Mannix has inspected Carr Lane and Main Street and reported the corner of Carr Lane and Main Street on the bridge needs attention. Mrs Casling checked the footpaths on Skipwith Road and recommended that all are passable apart from the area outside the ex-council houses on the recessed part of Skipwith Road where there are flags which are not even. Both reported that the guidance notes provided by Mrs. Casling were adequate. Mr Smowton proposed the councillors divided up the remaining streets in the village for inspection. He will provide guidance on which area to cover and provide the notes. These checks are to be completed by the September meeting. The Chair will ask the Clerk to report these findings. Action - SS; Action - VC

ELECTRICITY BILLS: Mr Smowton has requested npower consolidate all our electric bills and is still awaiting their reply. Mr Smowton spoke to a member of staff at YLCA who is also a clerk in a parish and she is also requesting for their bills to be consolidated. She also mentioned that parish councils are allowed to change electric suppliers if one were found to be more cost effective. Action - SS

CUTTING OF VERGES: Mrs Casling reported that Selby District Council had been cutting the verges but they were not be relied upon to continue throughout the year. It was reported that the hawthorn hedge on Carr Lane near the bridge needs trimming and it was noted that this area belongs to the Estate. Mr Smowton will place an article in the Parish magazine reminding householder's that it is their responsibility to trim their overhanging branches. Action - SS

OVERHANGING BRANCHES TREE IN CARR LANE: These branches have been trimmed back by Mark Lumby from SDC.

ESCRICK PLAYING FIELD ASSOCIATION: Mrs Mannix confirmed that the yearly safety check was completed and the EPFA will pay for this from their own funds. She reported that their accounts were in credit of £694.07. Arrangements were proceeding for the 2007 calendar and the theme for their pictures is of the surrounding villages.

There had been problems with youngsters in the playing field who parked in a resident's drive at Escrick Park Gardens without their permission. Mrs Mannix had challenged them and they had moved away. Another incident had been youngsters camping on the field and the police were called and they dealt with them. Mr Reynolds has placed signs saying "No Public Access", one on the gate and the other one to be on the drive.

Accounts are in credit:
A/c No 1 £2,716.27
A/c No 2 £6,120.99
A/c No 3 £34.50

It was agreed to pay:
Room hire Escrick & Deighton Club £10.00
Deans Landscapes £371.30
NYCC - right of way Escrick CE School £25.00
David Tomlinson - cost of spray for playing field £30.00
YLCA - training day £20.00


8/10/124D/PA: crown thin oak tree T1 within TPO No 5/2006 Saddlers Walker 2 Main Street Escrick - no objections

8/10/198A/PA: change of use from residential conservatory to use for child day care 25 The Glade Escrick- no objections

8/10/31C/PA: change of use of field for siting of touring caravans Approach Farm Riccall Road Escrick - no objections

8/10/48D/PA: proposed erection of a conservatory to the rear 9 Woodlands Escrick - no objections

8/10/227/PA: erection of a dwelling on land adjacent The Covers 70 Main Street Escrick - No objection in principal but would ask the Planning Officer about the distance the new house is to the existing wall that borders the site with regard to maintenance of the property next door and the proposed dwelling. Also that Highways give consideration to existing parking problems in Main Street and Escrick Park Gardens bearing in mind that 2 new entrances are already planned for the proposed development of the old Primary School.


YLCA are to hold training workshops at the end of September for Chairman of Parish Councils at Scarborough. The cost for the one-day session is £20. It was agreed that Mr Smowton would attend.

A letter from David & Christine Riggall to Traves & Son had been received about the noise levels from the Abattoir during the day. SDC are monitoring sound levels at their house. Mr Forster to get the original planning consent details from SDC to ascertain if Traves are contravening them. The clerk reported that she had given Mrs Mannix these plans some 18 months ago. Action BF

Playing Fields Association requesting membership subscriptions and Mrs Mannix reported that EPFA already pay this.


Mrs Casling reported that funding had been applied from SDC for the Village Hall extension and as the Social Club were in a very bad financial position, she suggested the two buildings should combine together. Mrs Casling had approached the Village Hall Committee with this suggestion who were against this. If the club closes down she wonders what would become of the buildings. The building and land belong to the Estate.

The previous week there had been a number of incidents in the bus shelter and a piece of wood had been pulled from the ceiling about 2m x 2m and a youth had stood in the middle of the road and swinging it around his head and left the wood which Mrs Casling had arranged to have removed. The steward at the club had phoned the police twice who said they would note these incidents. It was agreed that incidents of an anti-social behaviour should be reported to the police who will visit the culprits. The email address is reportasbo@selby.gov.uk and the direct emergency telephone number is 0845 6060247.

Mr Skilbeck was approached by a resident who reported the area around the front of the old school should be tided. It is very difficult for Onyx to sweep the roads in this area as there are continually parked areas in their path. There are 2 drains blocked along Main Street and the clerk to contact the Highways about this. Action VC

Mrs Mannix requested help to rid Carr Meadows of rabbits. This is not in the jurisdiction of the Parish Council.

Mr Reynolds has donated 2 signs "Beware - ducks" and Mr Smowton will consult with the Village Green Committee the best position for these signs. Action - SS & MR

July meeting has been cancelled

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 11th September 2006