27th November 2006


Mr Steve Smowton (chair)
Mr Brian Forster (vice-chair)
Ms Judy Wanless
Mr Bill Reader
Mrs Gina Mannix
Mr John Reader
Mr Ian Reynolds
Mr Charles Forbes Adam
Mrs Carole Wainwright
Mr Peter Skilbeck
Mrs Liz Casling

Mr Mike Russell

The Chair opened the meeting by welcoming Inspector Mark Goulding from the Neighbourhood Policing Team Selby East and Sgt Hamad.

The meeting was declared open.

Inspector Mark Goulding has been in Selby for two years and is in charge of the neighbourhood policing. He is introducing himself to all Parish councils to explain the new policing structure which is called SIP. Escrick is teamed with Riccall and know as the Eastern SIP. This area is statistically a low crime area. During the last year the figures are approx 74 crimes reported of these 15 are violent, 9 burglaries, 5 burglaries other, 11 thefts, 18 auto-crime, 14 criminal damage, 2 others.

The meeting asked if it were possible for the police to be seen walking around the village and Insp Goulding replied that they were trying to make themselves visible to the public. He said there are to be more Police Community Officers and they hope to double these from 8 to 16 by next year. PC Dave Herbert is the Police Community Officer for this area.

The chair said that speeding along Carr Lane and Skipwith Rd especially by motor cyclists was a concern for the residents. He reported that NY Highways feel this is not a serious problem as there have been no deaths or serious injuries. Insp Goulding replied that Road Traffic Accidents involving motor cycles is very high throughout North Yorkshire and the death rate involving motor cyclists is indeed very high. Insp Goulding said they are very aware of this problem and trying to educate the cyclists is one way forward. Recently he had held a Joint Action Group meeting at Barlby and he had been disappointed by the low attendance from this area. The clerk had no notification of this meeting and Insp Goulding would make enquiries to ascertain who should have informed her. The next meeting will be held in about 2/3 months time. All these meetings are open to the public and representatives from the local agencies attend to answer any questions. He requested that when informing the police of any incident to use their discretion and call on the non emergency phone line 0845 6060247. The police (subject to their workload) would attend. Insp Goulding welcomed any problems/issues being raised to him via email.

Mr Smowton thanked Insp Goulding and Sgt Hamad for attending our meeting.

The meeting was declared closed.

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING WERE READ AND APPROVED after an alteration was made in para 2 of the open meeting from subsided to subsidised.

The Vice-Chair reported an incident on Main Street when Arriva's bus could not get through due to an obstruction by a vehicle parking on the restricted area. He had consulted with Arriva as to whether the double yellow lines were causing problems generally, and the General Manager said that he would speak to the drivers and report if there were concerns; there has been no further response.

Mr Smowton and Mrs Casling had a meeting with North Yorkshire Highways who said these signs are not effective. The traffic that flows through the village is mostly local, which means that the drivers know these roads and have a tendency to travel faster. While the meeting was being held in Carr Lane vehicles were contravening the speed limit. The duck warning signs are to be placed by the Highways on Carr Lane. They are to re-line the junction of Carr Lane and Main Street and to place No parking signs at this junction. They said they would improve the signage on the Skipwith Road and they suggested that the Parish Council could put up signs advising drivers to Drive Slowly along Skipwith Road. These signs could be included with the boundary signs on the A19. Investigate the costs.
Action: SS & LC

The paint has only just been delivered to Mr John Reader who hopes to do the work in the next few weeks. The bill has not been received. Mrs Casling to locate the bill.
Action: JR & LC

The lamp post has been erected and CE Electric are due on the 15th December to connect the electricity. Selby District Council's contribution towards the cost of this lamp post has been received. Mr Foster to check the lamp post is working after the 16th December.
Action: BF

Mark Lumby from Selby Highways has contacted the clerk and reported that he has inspected all the areas that had been reported as having faults and some of the works have been completed. Most of these were superficial and need no action. In future he would prefer if councillors could contact him direct by phone to report any faults in the pavements and he will walk round with them. Mark Lumby would like confirmation of ownership of the hedge along the stream outside the former Police houses on Carr Lane. Mr Reynolds gave the clerk a letter from the selling agents, Mouchel Parkman, which states the properties conveyed to the house side of the stream only. The clerk to report this to Mark Lumby.
Action: VC

Mr Smowton has now got all the relevant information needed and will contact Npower.
Action SS

Mr Foster reported that as Selby District Council had conducted sound tests at all times of the day and night and the noise levels at the plant had been acceptable, there was nothing more the Parish Council could do to help the resident who had made the complaint. The Chair had seen the planning approval for the extension to Traves in the 1990s and there was no reference to vehicle restrictions.

Mrs Mannix reported the broken Cabbage Worm has been repaired and the bill is to be paid today.

The new calendars are now available and they hope to raise £1,800 from the sale.

The tender is out for the bottom paddock and the work has to be done by December/January. A grant of £9,000 has been obtained for this work from Groundwork. A screening made of larger trees would be planted near the gate onto the A19.

Mrs Mannix to get quotes for mole catching for the Village Green and the Playing Field. She will liaise with the school on this.
Action: GM

This was completed.

These are in credit as below.
A/c No 1: £2,279.97
A/c No 2: £6,142.71
A/c No 3: £34.50

It was agreed to pay:
Room hire Escrick & Deighton Club: £20.00
Mazars: £293.75
NEDL - new lamp post: £580.45
Postage stamps - Mrs Cumberland: £21.32
Mr R Watson - cleaning: £160.00
Lappset: £182.13
Telephone - Mrs Cumberland: £30.90
Dean Landscapes Ltd: £928.25
Society of Local Council Clerks: £55.00


Erection of a dwelling on land adjacent The Covers 70 Main Street Escrick - No objection in principal but would ask the Planning Officer about the distance the new house is to the existing wall that borders the site with regard to maintenance of the property next door and the proposed dwelling. Also that Highways give consideration to existing parking problems in Main Street and Escrick Park Gardens bearing in mind that 2 new entrances are already planned for the proposed development of the old Primary School. Amended plans submitted.

Consent fell top/lop various trees within TPO 2/1979 The Parsonage Country House Hotel Escrick - no objections

Erection of a two storey extension to the side 2 Escrick Court Escrick - no objections

Crown, reduce & reshape Prunus tree T13 and prune and/or fell Birch tree T12 within TPO 5/1984 at Dower House, Dower Chase, Escrick - No objections.

Carry out works to Oak Tree T15 within TPO 4/1977 at Dower Lodge Dower Chase Escrick

Prune/lop and top holly tree within TPO No 16?1989 at North House Skipwith Road Escrick - no objections.

Erection of a conservatory to the rear of 3 Dower Chase Escrick - no objections. SDC permission granted

Single storey extension to the side Escrick & Deighton Village Hall Escrick - No objections in principal to the proposal but after visiting the residents at No 5 The Glade, there is need to investigate flooding problem in the rear garden at this address and the possible cause before the new extension is approved. SDC permission granted.

Reserved matters application for the mixed development of 6 B1 no 2 storey offices and 2 no B2/B8 industrial units (following outline permission no 8/10/3T/PA at former Brickworks Riccall Road Escrick. No objections.

Change of use of land to create landscaped amenity area and overspill car park to serve industrial units Brickworks Riccall Road Escrick. No objections.

Proposed erection of 1 6 bedroomed detached dwelling following demolition of existing dwelling at About Thyme Hollicarrs Close Escrick - Appeal allowed - SDC planning permission granted - this appeal is to the original planning application which is to extend the property.


It was agreed there was no need to increase the precept for the coming year.

Mr Reynolds reported that vehicles were obstructing the pavements. The Chair will place a notice in the parish magazine advising residents that this was a traffic violation.

Mr Bill Reader told the meeting that he had now served on the Parish Council for 50 years, starting on December 8th 1956. The Chair congratulated him on having achieved such a long serving record.

The Village Green Committee intend to purchase a container for their marquees and this is to be placed on a patch of grass on Carr Lane. They have requested some funding for this from the Parish Council. After discussion, more information about the proposed site is to be presented as planning permission may be required.
Action SS

Change of date for the Annual Meeting from 23rd April 2007 to the second Monday in May (14th May) following the District Elections. As the Escrick & Deighton Social club may close down in the new year, a new venue for the meetings is required. Mr Bill Reader offered the vestry at the church for a donation of £10. The chair thanked Mr Bill Reader and it was agreed to hold the meetings at the Vestry until the meeting room in the Village Hall is built.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 22nd January 2007