Fireworks notifications

Many residents enjoy fireworks displays, but fireworks can nonetheless cause distress to pets, horses, and some people.

The Parish Council has no powers to ban fireworks displays - but does encourage venues and residents to notify others before displays take place.  This allows people to make arrangements such as keeping pets indoors, or taking necessary medication.

If you are planning a fireworks display - we would be very grateful if you would notify us at stating the date/time/venue for the planned display.  Ideally please let us know about 7 - 14 days before the event.

If you would like to be notified of fireworks displays, please join our mailing list, and after receiving the acknowledgement email please select the option for fireworks notifications.  If you are already on our mailing list, select the link at the bottom of alert emails to update your preferences.

For displays at residential properties we will only communicate the vicinity, not the precise address to mitigate concerns about gatecrashers.

We will share notifications that we receive - but cannot guarantee that we will be notified of all events. No liability is accepted for failure to notify residents of an event.

There is more detail regarding the law around fireworks on the Government website: and police website:

Notifications of fireworks received:

VenueDate / TimeComments
Fireworks expected in the vicinity of Skipwith Road  between 6pm and 8pm27th Oct 2019 Diwali
No specific notification received - but fireworks are likely on this date1st/2nd November 2019Friday / Saturday prior to bonfire night
Private Queen Margaret's School event (fireworks at approx 19:30). The display is only expected to last 10 - 15 minutes and will be at the side away from the village. However residents may still wish to keep their animals indoors for this period.  For reasons of health and safety we are unable to make this year’s event open to the wider community. 

Other fireworks are likely on this date
5th November Bonfire night
No specific notification received - but fireworks are likely on this date31st DecemberNew Year's Eve