22nd November 2004

Present: Mr Ian Reynolds (Chairman), Mr Steve Smowton (Vice-Chair), Mr Brian Forster, Mr Bill Reader, Mr John Reader, Mr Mike Russell, Mr Peter Skilbeck, Ms Judy Wanless, Mrs Gina Mannix, Mrs Carole Wainwright

Apologies: Mr Charles Forbes Adams

Minutes of last meeting read and approved

Matters Arising

Parish Council Website: The website was launched on 1st November and details were published in the parish magazine. The website address was wrongly shown and the correct address will be published in the next issue. Mr Smowton reported that over 100 people have visited the website and there had been positive feedback. An Events diary has been added in date sequence. A lady who looks after stray cats had asked to be included on the website.

Playing Field Association: Gina Mannix reported as follows:

A grant of £25,000 has been confirmed from Living Spaces. This will be paid in two instalments, direct to the EPC bank account. There is an outstanding application to Lloyds Bank, which is with the Manager at present, and no decision is likely before January 2005. Access for the disabled to the Playing Field has yet to be resolved. Mr Reynolds had received a communication from Mouchel Parkman about the pedestrian right of way. They have agreed to a five year licence (subject to 12 months notice) after contacting the Governors of the school and receiving their consent. Mr Reynolds has revised the draft lease for this playing field based upon the village green lease. It was agreed to instruct Mr J Guest, Solicitor to act for EPC in the formal documentation. When the lease is completed the paddock land also becomes the responsibility of the EPC to maintain. Maintenance costs for the first five years should come with the initial funding. The area will be mainly grass, trees and shrubs. Mr John Wilson together with Mr Smowton met Mr Peter Murphy from Groundwork who are a Nationwide Charity who arrange environmental landscaping. They work in conjunction with the office of the Deputy Prime Minster and are part of Living Spaces. Mr Smowton showed the meeting a plan of the field and said a bank was to be made along the A19 for noise screening and security. In spring 2005 Groundwork will develop a plan, along with costs and arrange funding. In summer 2005 grants become available for native tree planting and "Awards For All" usually give 50% grants towards other items up to a maximum of £10,000. In the autumn 2005 planning should be completed and planting should start during the winter months of 2005/06.

Emergency List: Mr Reynolds confirmed that Queen Margaret's School are still willing for their sports hall to be used as an Emergency Feeding Centre if needed.

Footpath along A19: Onyx have been round the area and swept the footpaths and cleaned the sides of the roads. Mr Reader reported that the gully nearest the Church needs clearing.

Powergen Wind Farm Proposal: A spokesperson from Powergen would like to come to a closed EPC meeting and give a 35-40 minute talk about their plans in the area. Mr Reynolds to invite Powergen to EPC's next meeting in January or earlier is a planning application is lodged. It was noted that there had been a public meeting at North Duffield in October.

Derwent Court Flats: Mr Reynolds has written to Mrs Derbyshire advising that EPC could not fund a new streetlight at the moment but will monitor the situation. It was suggested that the trees and shrubs on their site should be trimmed as they are obscuring their own 2 lights. A resident in Woodlands has also been asked to cut back a willow tree, which is obscuring a streetlight.

Accounts: It was agreed to pay:
Dean Landscapes (Grass cutting) £2,128.00 plus VAT £372.40 = £2,500
Escrick & Deighton Club (Room hire) £10.00
Mrs V Cumberland (Postage) £7.49
Escrick Estate (Rent for Playing Field) £10.00

Police Houses: Mr J Reader has enquired from the residents of the Police Houses as to their boundary and was assured by one of the residents that their deeds showed the boundary to the middle of the beck. The chair will enquire from the selling agents as to exactly where the boundary lies. Mr Forster showed the meeting an article in North Yorkshire's magazine about responsibility of hedges stating that parish councils are responsible for the upkeep of hedges along the sides of public roads in the parish.

Skipwith Road Sign: Mrs Casling reported that this sign is being made but could take 2 - 3 months as SDC take these signs in batches to be cost effective.

Alert: A man from Rotherham was recently arrested at Stillingfleet kennels who had been seen sleeping rough in Escrick. A warning from the police about a man in a white van attempting to snatch a child outside the primary school in Elvington recently.

Access through Queen Margaret's School: Members of the public have approached Mrs Casling and Mr Forster separately about the restricted access through QM. The chair reported that anyone wishing to use this access should write directly to Dr Chapman, the headmaster of QM to get an identity badge to enable them access through the school grounds. He confirmed that EPC are not going to persue the right of way through the school.

Double yellow lines - Main Street: Mrs Casling reported that yellow lines are going to be painted on Main Street from the A19 and finishing at Verity's house. This will probably take about 6 months to complete.

Street Lighting: The clerk to contact Mr Brooksbank to check the street lights before winter.

Derwent Court Flats: Mr Skilbeck reported that the road outside these flats is the darkest place in the village and proposed a light should be erected here. Chair had enquired about the cost of erecting another light and this would be £3,700, It was decided to contact the residents and suggest the trees and bushes are trimmed back as at present they cast a shadow over the light. Chair to request the resident in Woodlands whose willow tree also obstructs the light to trim this willow back. Clerk to write to Mr Brooksbank to do a survey on these lights. Chair will write to Escrick Park Estate and request a path be provided by the Estate along Skipwith Road up to QM gates.

It was agreed to pay the following:
Room hire Escrick & Deighton Club: £10.00
Mrs V Cumberland for toner & postage: £58.85
Chris Smowton for setting up the EPC website and help on clerk's computer: £80.00

Audit: Mr Reynolds reported that the balance sheet, which was signed in April, had been incorrect and mis-recorded. Mr Richard Cockcroft, the Internal Auditor had stated that he could no longer audit the annual accounts. The revised accounts have been audited by Miss Juliet Stephenson. A new balance sheet was produced as at 31 March 2004. Mr Bill Reader proposed these be approved and Mr Smowton seconded this - All agreed.

The Clerk is to arrange for the public notice to be placed and thereafter to forward the accounts to Mazars for external audit.

Matthew Parkinson Area Planning Officer for Selby District Council attended the meeting to give a talk on planning applications

He is one of four area planning officers who work from Selby. Melissa Madge is his Team Leader with Paul Rossington as Head of Planning. Planning applications are received in the office and every site is visited by a planning officer and anything obvious is dealt with on the spot. A notice is put up as near to the site as feasible and objections can be received for up to 21 days. All neighbours and anyone who has a direct view of the site are contacted and given a chance to view the plans. If the application is to be considered by the Planning Committee one objector is allowed 5 minutes to address the planning committee who have 3 options:

  1. Support recommendations (for approval or refusal)
  2. Overturn the recommendation but reasons must be given and if the applicants are not satisfied with the decision they can lodge an appeal.
  3. Agree on a site visit, prior to considering. (The decision is deferred to next planning committee and then a final decision is made).

All plans have to adhere to the provisions of the Development Plan. A question was asked as to how a developer would seek permission to build a large housing estate of say 50-60 houses. Mr Parkinson replied that the developer would have to identify the land and if not within the development limits of a settlement it would be refused automatically. Greenbelt sites were in most instances not acceptable for development and "brownfield" ie sites where there has been a previous development or comprises garden areas are preferred. Then the design, layout, amenity, appearance and distance from adjoining developments are taken into consideration. The sight line is considered but if the Highway Authority do not object the planners have to accept their decision. Mr Parkinson said all applications used to go before a planning committee but pressure is on councils who are marked on their performance by the Government and all applications ought to be dealt with within 8 weeks. He reported that the files on all applications are public and these are on view for anyone to inspect. A copy of the officer's report on why an application has been granted was requested but Mr Parkinson said due to work pressure this would not be possible and he suggested a phone call to enquire would be more practical. He did stress that if an applicant was to appeal against the planning officer's decision and the case went in favour of the applicant, the District Council could be liable for the applicant's costs. Mr Forster requested a current list of personnel at Selby planning office and to be informed who has been contacted ie neighbours before he visits the sites. Mr Parkinson reported that both these requests are not practical and a telephone call to the department would provide an answer.

Mr Parkinson was asked about his views of wind farms in the area. He said that by the year 2010 a greater proportion of power has to be by renewable sources and unless there were very valid reasons not to give permission they had to follow Government directives. An Environmental Impact Assessment would accompany the applications and wildlife was a huge consideration.

Mr Reynolds thanked Mr Parkinson for attending the meeting and for providing useful information for Councillors.

Planning Applications
8/10/214/PA - Retrospective application for consent to display a non-illuminated directional sign on land adjacent to Glade Cottages Hollicarrs Escrick - refused by SDC
8/10/215/PA - Retrospective application for consent to display a non-illuminated directional sign on land adjacent to Glade Cottages Hollicarrs Escrick - refused by SDC
2004/1386/FUL - Proposed extensions and alterations to "About Thyme", Hollicarrs Close Escrick - Councillors generally feel that this is not in keeping with the area, would dominate the other houses and was an over-development. Mr Forster to investigate further.
8/10/216/PA - Proposed erection of a conservatory to the rear of 25 Carrs Meadow Escrick - this application appeared acceptable. Mr Forster to investigate further.


SDC - Planners Meeting: Mr Forster to try and attend.

SDC - Recreation Open Space Development: Mr Reynolds to reply to SDC that work to the Playing Field would commence by April and that the funding would be required.

Abbey Leisure: Mobile Skate Park Availability - Mr Reynolds to seek further details but is was generally thought Escrick, as a small village would not be large enough to sustain.

John Hodgson Charitable Trust: Mr Bill Reader was authorised to hand the letter to Mrs Cath Wilson who is a member of the Derby Joan Club in Escrick, who were considered most likely recipients of financial assistance.

SDC - Recreation Open Space Development: Mr Reynolds to reply to SDC that work to the Playing Field would commence by April and that the funding would be required.


SDC - Parish precept for 2005/06: Mr Smowton proposed EPC submit an application for an increase to £9,000, and Mrs Wainwright seconded this proposal. All agreed.

Mr Reynolds had written to the Escrick & Deighton Social Club about the events being held in the club creating problems and said supervision outside the doors is necessary. Mr John Reader reported that the committee have increased the bond from £50 to £100 and would tell event organisers that any damage to the alms houses, tennis courts would have to be made good. A committee member would be present at these events. EPC felt that one person is not sufficient and at least two supervisors would be required. The cost of professional doormen is about £10 per hour. The situation would be monitored by EPC.

Mrs Wainwright reported children riding bicycles without lights. When challenged they had been abusive. It was also reported that children were coming from Fulford by bus and hanging around the streets of Escrick. It was also stated that there was evidence of drugs being used in the Gashouse Wood. It was agreed to prepare a flyer for the Parish Magazine about the above problems and to make parents aware of children coming from outside the village. Mrs Wainwright reported that she had attended a Crime Prevention meeting and that Neighbourhoord Watch stickers were available for householders to place near their front doors. NYCC Councillor Mr David Ashton will be asked to obtain these stickers for villagers.

Mr Skilbeck reported he had heard rumours that certain departments at Selby District Council were being taken over by East Yorkshire as they are under funded and under manned. Mr Reynolds to enquire from SDC Councillor Mrs Casling if there is any truth in these rumours. He was disappointed that EPC were not invited early enough by Powergen to attend the meeting in North Duffield about the wind farms. There was apparently a suggestion that Skipwith, Riccall and Escrick have a joint parish council meeting on the issue of wind farms in the area.

Mr Forster reported that the paths down to the Temple needed repairing as lorries developing the 5th form block at QM had broken the road surface. Mr Reynolds will speak to Mr Forbes Adam about this.

Mr Reynolds would like a notice in the parish magazine about cars parking on the footpaths, as this was becoming a nuisance.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 17th January 2005