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Before contacting the Parish Council please check that the Parish Council is responsible for the issue concerned. Our FAQs page explains the responsibilities of the various local authorities. For example, many services in the Parish are provided by North Yorkshire Council. If possible please contact the relevant body directly.

Parish Council

For matters relating to the Parish Council, please contact the clerk at:, via our contact form. Tel: 07814 809608. 

The Parish Council is a small organisation, and the Clerk only works on a part-time basis. The Parish Council cannot therefore offer a rapid response service.

Our privacy policy applies to any information supplied to the Parish Council, and correspondence may be subject to disclosure under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.

Prove of sending will not be accepted as proof of receipt.


The Parish Council is part of local government, not the Church. To contact the Church, please see their website.

Village Hall

The village hall is run by a separate charity committee, not the Parish Council. For village hall bookings, please see the village hall website

Parish Magazine

The Parish Magazine is not organised by the Parish Council. To contact the Parish magazine, please see the Parish Magazine page