24th October 2005

PRESENT: Mr Ian Reynolds (Chairman)
Mr Steve Smowton (Vice-Chairman)
Mr Brian Forster
Mr Charles Forbes Adam
Mr Mike Russell
Mr Peter Skilbeck
Ms Judy Wanless

APOLOGIES:Mrs Carole Wainwright
Mrs Gina Mannix
Mr John Reader
Mr Bill Reader



The clerk is to follow up the letter to NEDL about the untidy hedge and broken fence round the sub-station at Skipwith Road. Also to follow up the letter written to the Environment Officer at Selby District Council re cleaning along Main Street (on the A19) and also in respect of the footpath between Main Street and Skipwith Road (The Alley).

Mr Forster has spoken to Mr Paul Harrison at the Garage and was informed that Deighton Parish Council have asked York City Council to place a litterbin between the garage and Escrick Village.

THE COPSES IN CARR LANE: It was agreed that Mr Skilbeck would remove debris from this area. Deans are to be asked to give an estimate for future maintenance of these areas.

YELLOW LINES ALONG MAIN STREET: Work has not yet commenced. Planning Notices have been put up. A further update from Mrs Casling awaited.

ESCRICK PLAYING FIELD: The VAT refund has been sanctioned by HM Customs and Excise and on the basis of this the balance of Lappset's bill has been paid in full by EPC.

Mrs Mannix sent a letter in her absence advising that the reinstatement to the tarmac has still to be resolved with Lappset. This is currently under discussion.

EPFA have held their AGM and one committee member resigned leaving 11 on this committee. Amanda Ingledew resigned as chairperson and Mrs Mannix has taken this role for the next 12 months. EPFA still plan to fund raise but will not be producing the calendar as in previous years.

The Parish Council felt the calendars in the past years were an asset for the village and a request to the EPFA to look into the feasibility of producing calendars again is to be made.

A planting scheme for the paddock has not progressed any further. The committee are only interested in pursuing this project if the access to the A19 was planted across. This was not to stop the children getting out, but to ensure that no one sitting in the lay-by on the A19 could watch the children or even gain access to them. (This was discussed by EPC - see below).

The EPFA accounts are over £1000 in credit although some of this is for signage for which they are currently obtaining quotes.

EPC felt is was not acceptable to plant across the paddock access and lose a valuable access point for future maintenance. Ways of screening need to be investigated without building an embankment, which was felt, could only encourage people to view the playing field from above. As the lay-by on the A19 is lower than the carriageway, the concerns about children being watched from here are negligible. Also anyone wanting to gain access into the field could do so by the open entrance into the school.

Mr Reynolds had been advised that as the docks and nettles in the paddock will now be dormant Mr Thomlinson will spray again in the Spring.

DUCKS ON VILLAGE GREEN: Mr Reynolds had made enquiries about the Parish Councils' liability if the ducks were to cause an accident and the reply was negative. EPC in any event have Public Indemnity Insurance. The water level in the pond is still a concern but at present the water levels are generally low in Yorkshire, but after the recent rains this may alter.

WASTE BIN - SKIPWITH ROAD: Mr Forster had contacted Selby District Council who were not previously aware the waste bin was missing and now they will now look into replacing the bin.

ACCOUNTS: The following are the current balances.

A/c 81335235 - £4753.91
A/c 81335243 - £1593.43
A/c 01385518 - £34.50

It was agreed to pay:

Escrick & Deighton Club (Room hire) - £10.00
Mrs V Cumberland (for postage) - £9.97
Lappset UK (balance of account) - £6176.84
Mr Ron Watson (bus shelter cleaning) - £80.00


8/10/220A/PA - Erection of a conservatory rear of Chalfonts, 25 Main Street Escrick. This application has been withdrawn by Applicant

8/10/225/PA - Erection of a two storey extension to rear of Gilbertson Cottage Escrick Road Wheldrake - no objections by EPC

8/10/201A/PA - First floor rear extension and conservatory to the rear of 23 The Glade Escrick - no objections by EPC

8/09/117/PA - Application for the retention and re-use of suitable buildings, car parking and landscaping and infrastructure at former Stillingfleet Mine - refused permission by SDC

8/10/44B/PA - Conservatory to side of 32 Wenlock Drive Escrick - no objections by EPC

Mr Smowton as Chair of the School Governors is to write to Councillor Mrs Casling about the delay with the planning applications in respect of the C of E School. This has already delayed the project of improving the Junior School.


North Yorkshire County Council - Election of Parish Council Representatives to Selby Area Committee - It was unanimously agreed to vote for John Eastwood.

Selby District Council - Parish Precept for 2006/2007 - this item to be placed on the agenda for the next Escrick Parish Council meeting. The Clerk was asked to produce a budget forecast.


Mr Bill Reader had sent a letter about plastic and general mess the scaffolders had left outside Post Office Row. He had rung the Estate Office twice about the matter. Mr Forbes Adam advised that he would investigate further. NB The Chairman received a communication the following day confirming that an Estate Office employee had swept up the area the previous week.

The Monument in Main Street requires cleaning and the low branches are encouraging youngsters to play on them. Mr Skilbeck and Mr Reynolds will clear the broken branches.

Mr Skilbeck showed the meeting a newsletter from York City Council within which were details from the Highways Authority of the major re-vamp at Crockey Hill with the road widening and an anti-skid surface to be laid and eventually traffic lights to be installed. At Deighton the bus shelter was to be moved south of the White Swan and a pedestrian island placed in the middle of the road. It was noted also that a roundabout was to be placed in the A19 at Riccall. Mr Skilbeck noted that there were no future plans for Escrick.

Mr Skilbeck expressed concern about the proposals for Police Forces to join together as this would result in less policing in the village and rural areas generally.

Mr Smowton reported that a new flag has been put on the village green flagpole. This is a St George's flag with the Yorkshire white rose insignia in the middle. He will be providing an article about this for the Parish Magazine.

Mr Smowton had attended the Inaugural Parish forum and there had been attendance from 30 parish councils. One of the points raised had been the lack of response from the District Planning Department although it was noted that there was published a resume of all the decisions made on planning applications. However as this was too large to circulate it was suggested that the relevant decisions (for Escrick) should be forwarded. The green wheely bins had been a great success and there had been a good take up of the green and blue recycling boxes. There were no plans to collect plastics separately, at present.

The Chairman advised that the application he made to Selby District Community Safety about new lighting for Escrick have been successful. (An award of £1,250.00 towards a new light on Skipwith Road/Derwent Court). The Chairman is to speak to the Police Liaison Officer and thereafter a specification/quote will be obtained.

An article in last Saturday's Yorkshire Post written by Chris Berry titled "Yobs and Chavs -the new face of rural youth?" It was felt to be biased and inaccurate about Escrick. Mr Ian Reynolds to reply to Chris Berry the writer giving the EPC view of matters in the village.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 5th December at 7.30pm in Escrick & Deighton Social Club.