18th June 2007


Mr Steve Smowton (chair)
Mrs Gina Mannix
Mr Ian Reynolds
Mr Peter Skilbeck
Mrs Carole Wainwright
Mr Mike Russell
Mr Charles Forbes Adam
Mr John Reader
Mrs Liz Casling, North Yorkshire County Councillor and Selby District Councillor

Mr Bill Reader
Mr Brian Forster

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING WERE READ AND APPROVED - this was proposed by Mr Russell and seconded by Mrs Wainwright.


This has been erected on Skipwith Road

Inspector Pegg had been contacted by the clerk about speed checks and these can only be undertaken by the Police Patrol team.

Mrs Mannix reported that the yearly safety checks had been done and this had found everything to be satisfactory. At their last meeting despite requests for new members to join the committee there had been no positive response. The only fundraising they have planned is an event possibly in October and new calendars are being prepared for next year. A discussion about cutting the grass around the newly planted trees and the conclusion was to get the area around the tree guards sprayed first. Mrs Mannix to seek advice from Neal Hales before contacting Deans Landscapes.

Inspector Dave Pegg had been invited to tonight's meeting but failed to appear. The clerk to contact him.
Action: VC

ACCOUNTS are in credit:
A/c No 1: £5,857.02
A/c No 2: £5,718.84
A/c No 3: £34.50

It was agreed to pay:
Escrick & Deighton Social Club: £20.00
Mrs V Cumberland telephone & postage: £31.56
Npower: £1,689.75
Npower: £171.10
Deans Landscapes Ltd: £576.34
Donation to village green committee: £30.00
North Yorkshire County Council - rent: £25.00
Yorkshire Rural Community Council: £35.00

It was agreed to pay an internal auditor £50.00 this was proposed by Mrs Mannix and seconded by Mr Russell.

It was agreed unanimously to upgrade the parish council's computer. The chair to investigate this purchase.
Action SS


Amendment to application Nos 2005/0360/OUT (8/10/3T/PA) and 2006/1331/REM (8/10/3W/PA) for the variation of elevations to mixed use development comprising of B1 two storey offices and B2, B8 industrial units Brickworks Riccall Road Escrick

resubmission of a previously withdrawn application 8/10/231/PA erection of a conservatory to the rear of 39B Skipwith Road Escrick no objections - SDC permission granted

Erection of a porch to the front elevation 3 Woodlands Escrick no objections - SDC permission granted

Use of land as extension to holiday park, erection of shop and café, use of land as arboretum/sculpture part, formation of lakes, erection of polytunnels and ancillary works Estate Office Escrick Park Gardens Escrick No objection to proposal in principle. But concerns from residents in Hollicarrs about increase in traffic movements and the impact the road past the estate. They have therefore requested that Highways consider the following points:
1. Reduction of speed limit to 30mph along the old A19 which leads to the estate entrance.
2. All traffic must leave and enter the site from the Riccall junction on the A19 except for traffic approaching along the A19 from the north. The Parish Council supports the comments made by the residents of the Hollicarrs.

Proposed change of use from residential to hair and beauty salon at Saddlers Cottage 43 Main Street Escrick - no objections - Mrs Casling reported that she had been approached by residents who thought this business might cause vehicles to park along Main Street.

Erection of a dwelling on land adjacent The Covers 70 Main Street Escrick - No objection in principal but would ask the Planning Officer about the distance the new house is to the existing wall that borders the site with regard to maintenance of the property next door and the proposed dwelling. Also that Highways give consideration to existing parking problems in Main Street and Escrick Park Gardens bearing in mind that 2 new entrances are already planned for the proposed development of the old Primary School. Amended plans submitted

Consent to remove dead wood and crow clean Oak Tree T1 within TOP 1/1978 - 9 Woodlands Escrick - no objections

Two storey extension to the south elevation The Granary Wheldrake Lane Escrick - no objections

North Yorkshire County Council are to commence a six month study into road safety and traffic congestion on the rural section of A19 between the county boundary with City of York and the M62. The chair had replied with Escrick's concerns. Mrs Casling has also raised the same concerns and will monitor the progress of the study.

A letter from the John Hodgson Charitable Trust to be placed on the notice board.

A letter has been received from Escrick village green committee asking permission to put a container onto land next to the sub-station on Carrs Meadow. They urgently need storage space for their equipment. They are to seek the views of residents in the area before applying for planning permission.

Mrs Mannix
An Alsatian dog had caused distress to a resident while out in Gassy Woods by attacking her dog. Mr Forbes Adam re-confirmed that Gassy Woods is only for the sole use of residents.

Mrs Wainwright
Requested that the copse along Carr Lane and from the war memorial towards the A19 be cut. The clerk to request from Deans Landscapes to add this area to their quote.
Action: VC

She together with Mr Skilbeck had attended the JAG meeting and had agreed with Mr Skilbeck's observations at the last meeting that more representation from Escrick was needed. At this meeting no one from Highways had attended and it was confirmed that they would be at the next one. Mrs Wainwright had requested more police presence in the village especially at school times along Carr Lane and the playing field.

Mr John Reader
The hedges around the village needed attention and an article to be placed in the Parish magazine reminding residents they are responsible for their own hedges.
Action: SS

The dyke bank at the corner of Carr Lane is causing concern to residents. Since having trees planted the water board will not cut the grass and this was encouraging rats. This is an issue for the drainage board and some contacts were offered; Mr reader would take this up directly.

Mr Reynolds
Requested if there were funds available to tidy the Coronation memorial and if any contributions could be given to the church.

Mr Forbes Adam
Requested if there were any funds available to replace the verge along Skipwith Road by Gassy Woods with a pavement.

Mr Russell
The Duck sign provided by Mr Reynolds had been destroyed and wondered if the promised duck warning signs from the Highways were ever going to be erected. The clerk to enquire from Brian Watson at Highways about this.
Action: VC

The Chair suggested that some time be set aside at the next meeting to discuss both the funding requests from groups in the village and suggestions from councillors for spending .The clerk will minute this for the next agenda.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING Monday 10th September 2007 at 7.30pm