Escrick Playground to open from 4th July with restrictions

Escrick Parish Council, in consultation with the Escrick Playing Fields Association, has reviewed Government guidance, undertaken a risk assessment and agreed to open the playground with restrictions from Saturday 4th July, in-line with the said guidance.

 We have put the following restrictions in place:

  • A maximum of 20 people on site (adults and children combined)
  • Each piece of equipment is only to be used by one household or bubble at a time
  • Please clean points of contact on equipment before using (bring your own sanitising wipes or similar)
  • Thoroughly wash hands before and after attending
  • Do not use the site if you are required to self-isolate
  • Consider your family risk profile when deciding if it is appropriate to use the facility
  • No eating on site

This decision will be regularly reviewed and may be reversed if restrictions are not observed. 

Weekly inspections of the playground will take place.

We request that users show consideration for others, and if the site is busy to limit their time at the facility to allow others to attend.

We request that parents of any older children that use the site unsupervised ensure that they fully understand and comply with the restrictions.

We have implemented an enhanced cleaning regime (using an anti-microbial surface treatment), but this should not be a substitute for good personal hygiene.

Please report any concerns of over-crowding or non-compliance with these restrictions to the Parish Council: However, we cannot offer an immediate response, so please report any behaviour requiring urgent intervention or anti-social behaviour to the police on 101, (and separately notify the Parish Council).