Escrick sewers and drainage issues - Oct 2021

A number of residents have raised questions about sewage leakage which the MP's offices has taken up with Yorkshire Water. This update has just been received from Yorkshire Water via the MP's office.

Yorkshire water have met to discuss the network in Escrick. There are a number of actions that they have either completed or will be progressing over the coming weeks:

  • We found some evidence of a silt blockage in the network. We sent a jet van out and cleared the blockage to allow flow to be restored. This was done on 30th September.
  • We are investigating the operation of the pumping station in the village to understand if there are any issues and whether we can alter the operation to help reduce the risk of flooding.
  • We will be conducting full survey of the whole network in the area, including a full CCTV survey to understand if there is any infiltration into the  network that could be contributing to the issues. 
  • We will also be carrying out lining work on the length of sewer on main street outside the Black Bull. As this is quite an old pipe and lining will ensure the pipe is robust and nothing is getting in that shouldn’t be.