Safeguarding Week 19 – 23 June 2023

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A virtual, online conference will take place between Monday 19th and Friday 23rd June to mark Safeguarding Week 2023.

‘Once again it is a real privilege to represent the work of the North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership as we stride towards safeguarding week commencing on the 19thh June through to the 23rd.  This is a fantastic opportunity for our partnership to raise general awareness across a number of strategic priorities by providing a spread of events that span Community Safety, Prevent and Domestic Abuse during this week. This is an incredible opportunity for all to gain knowledge, confidence and skills in managing this key area that affects so many within our community.’

ACC Scott Bisset, Chair of North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership 

In North Yorkshire, North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership are hosting a number of sessions in relation to Domestic Abuse and Prevent as outlined below:

Monday 19th June

  • Motivating Behaviour Change in Perpetrators of Domestic Abuse 10am-12pm, this workshop will explore the work of domestic abuse perpetrator programmes, focussing on the journey of change, motivation, challenges, and looking at dual allegations within domestic abuse relationships.
  • Raising Awareness of the CSAAS (Children's Sexual Abuse Assessment Service) 11am-12pm, this session will focus on the service’s pathways in cases for both paediatric acute and non-recent sexual abuse. In addition, focus on the importance and facilities available for children and young people who has disclosed non-recent sexual abuse and the support that can be provided at the SARC.
  • Respect Session - to include CAPVA 1-2pm, this workshop will explore Child & Adolescent to Parent Violence & Abuse – looking at the prevalence of it, who experience it, how does it differ from adult to adult domestic abuse, what prevents people reporting it, what do we do when we have a family who are experience.
  • The Whole Family Approach to Domestic Abuse 2-4pm, this workshop will explore multi-agency work contributing to a whole family approach to domestic abuse.
  • Introduction to Prevent for Education Settings Twilight Session 4.30- 6pm, this session is aimed at those who work within education settings and provides an introduction to Prevent and will cover the threats/risks as outlined in the Counter Terrorism Local Profile (CTLP).  It will explore websites, literature, signs and symbols to be aware of, the radicalisation process and also heightens awareness of those who are vulnerable to being drawn towards terrorism.

 Tuesday 20th June

  • HALO Safeguarding & Supporting Minoritised Women 9.30-11.30am, this session will explore the challenges and barriers to safeguarding Black and minoritised women and girls from diverse communities who are victims of domestic and sexual violence.
  • Induction to Prevent (Pt 1) 10-11am, this awareness session will cover strategy and legislation, including CONTEST, Counter Terrorism and Security Act and Prevent Duty, giving detail of both the national counter terrorism threats and North Yorkshire and York context and risks, signs and symbols used by the Far Right and how to make a Prevent referral in North Yorkshire

Wednesday 21st June

  • Domestic Abuse in Rural Communities 10-11am, this session will explore the barriers domestic abuse victims face in our rural communities. People often think that rural areas of North Yorkshire are safe and domestic abuse is within the cities and towns.
  • Non-fatal Strangulation 1-2pm, presented jointly by North Yorkshire Police and IDAS, this session will explore Non-Fatal Strangulation, the recent change in legislation and link to Domestic Homicides.

Thursday 22nd June

  • An Introduction to Specialist Domestic Abuse Pet Fostering Services 11am-12pm, a joint Pets Trust Freedom Project and Cats Protection presentation, this aims to give advice on the connection between pets and DA and how to make a referral into the fostering service. 
  • Domestic Abuse & The Family Courts: Reading Risk & Hearing Harm 1-2pm, this session will explore key issues surrounding domestic abuse and the family courts with a focus on the voices of victims.  

Friday 23rd June

Vulnerability to Radicalisation (Pt 2) 10-11am, this session will cover in more detail the following areas, North Yorkshire and York context and risks, Radicalisation and vulnerability factors, Signs and Symbols for Far Right, Making a Prevent referral in NY, Case studies- role of Channel Panel.

For further information or to book onto the sessions outline above please visit:

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There are many other fantastic sessions hosted by our partners and Partnerships from across North Yorkshire, City of York and East Riding – so do please see what is on offer as they are available to all.

The full programme of events is now open for viewing (see attached) and booking via

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