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Archived Documents

Annual Documents 2019:

External Auditor Report 2018/19 

Annual Return (internal audit only) 2018/19

Right to inspect unaudited accounts for 2018/19

Employers Liability Insurance (2018)

Explanation of Variances 2018-19

Expenditure over £100 for 2018-19

Annual Documents 2018:

Right to Inspect Audited Accounts for 2017/18

External Auditor Report 2017.18

Annual Return (internal audit only) 2017/18

Bank Reconciliation as at 31/03/2018

Explanation of Variances 2017.18

Expenditure over £100 for 2017.18

Asset Register as at 31/03/2018

Right to inspect unaudited accounts for 2017/18

Annual Documents 2017:

Annual Return (internal audit only) 2016/17

Bank Reconcilliation Year Ending 31/01/2017

Explanation of Variances 2016/17

Expenditure over £100 2016/17

Asset register as at 31/03/2017

Right to inspect unaudited accounts for 2016/17

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2016.17

External Audit Report 2016.17

Annual Documents 2016:

Annual Return (External Audit) and public right of inspection notice 2015/16

Annual Return (Internal Audit only) 2015/16

Bank Reconciliation Year Ending 31/03/2016

Explanation of Variances (unaudited accounts) 2015/16

Expenditure over £100 2015/16

Asset Register as at 31/03/16

Right to inspect unaudited accounts for 2015/16

Annual Documents 2015:

Notice of conclusion of the external audit 2015 and right to Inspect the Annual Return

Expenditure over £100 (01/04/2014 to 31/03/2015)

Bank Reconciliation Year Ending 31/03/2015

Asset Register Year Ending 31/03/2015

Receipts and Payments 2014/2015


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