Current issues

This section provides information on ongoing initiatives and other significant issues of ongoing notable interest to residents of the Parish:

Neighbourhood Development Plan

Escrick Parish Council has decided to developed a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the Parish. 

More details are available on our Neighbourhood Development Plan page.

A19 safety concerns

The Parish Council is currently lobbying for safety improvements on the A19 through Escrick.

More details are available on our A19 safety page.

Other highways concerns

The Parish Council is aware of various highways safety concerns. Whilst the Parish Council has relatively limited powers (we cannot set speed limits, nor install speed humps for example) - there are things that the Parish Council can do, including:

  • Ensuring the the County Councillor and highways authority are aware of the issues and strength of local feeling;
  • Establishing local initiatives, such as Community Speed Watch;
  • Investing in additional vehicle activated speed signs (subject to the permission of the highways authority);
  • Appearance/landscaping works to improve visibility and make the village appear more rural (evidence shows that drivers drive more slowly through areas with a strong village appearance).

We try to take a structured approach to understanding issues and options to address them:

Issue review stages.pdf

The current log of highways issues is available here:

Escrick Highways Issues 2018.pdf

Significant planning applications:

There are a number of planning applications for sites around the Parish that have attracted particular interest.

These are summarised on our Significant Planning Applications page.

Archived issues:

Selby and York Local plans (2013 - 2018)

Street lighting improvements (2015- 2018)

North Selby Mine planning application (2013 - 2014)

Public Right of Way application from Main St through Queen Margaret's school (2013-2014)

Waiting Restrictions on Main Street and Escrick Park Gardens (2014)

Street Lighting Report (2014) - report into options to replace Street Lights in Escrick

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