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Escrick Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan 

Escrick Parish Council is nearing the final stages of preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

What is an NDP?

The NDP sets out the planning vision for our local community through to 2035.  It addresses what makes Escrick Parish unique today, whilst setting out how we can nurture and enhance our rural environment in the future.

An NDP is the most local part of the planning hierarchy. When adopted, the NDP forms statutory guidance to District and County planning officers when making local planning decisions.  It sits alongside Selby District Council's 'Local Plan' and National Government planning policy and targets. The NDP covers the area of Escrick Civil Parish.

Over the past two years the Parish Council has coordinated a working group, supported by external consultants to develop the plan. The project has been funded by a series of central government grants.

Current status (April 2022)

We have now completed and formally submitted the NDP documents to Selby District Council (SDC). 

SDC, in consultation with Escrick Parish Council, have appointed Mr Patrick Whitehead as the independent examiner who will assess the Submission Draft Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan to ensure it meets the right basic standards. The independent examiner will recommend whether or not the Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan as submitted (or with modifications) is progressed to referendum.

A full set of documents relating to the examination process can be found on the Selby District Council website: 

Correspondence from the independent examiner

In the interests of transparency, all correspondence from the independent examiner is published here:

Examiner Procedural Matters and Questions - Escrick 210422.pdf

Examiner External Examiner Supplementary question - Escrick 12 May 2022.pdf

Next steps

If the examiner recommends the NDP progresses to a referendum, then:

  • SDC publishes information statement 
  • SDC publishes notice of referendum 
  • polling takes place 
  • results declared   

If the referendum is in favour, the NDP will become part of the statutory development plan for the area.   

Thanks for your ongoing support... Escrick NDP Team

Submitted documents

The draft NDP is is two parts:

If you have queries or need more information, please email the team at: or call Tudor Rees on 07718801619.  

Other documents

Click here to see our full library of documentation supporting the NDP


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