Parish Council


North Yorkshire County Council are responsible for gritting of public highways. The only roads that they grit in Escrick are the A19 and Skipwith Road. Pavements aren’t gritted anywhere in North Yorkshire outside the major town-centres. 

More details are available on their website:…

To supplement this, the Parish Council bought and fills several grit bins at high footfall locations. These are for community spirited residents to use to spread grit on pavements/junctions. The Parish Council provides the grit, but doesn’t provide a grit spreading service. 

There are grit bins located at: 

  • Main St/Carr Lane junction 
  • The Glade/Carr Lane junction 
  • Main St by the entrance to the village hall 
  • Main St/Escrick Park Gardens junction

Please do feel free to grab an old plant pot and spread grit on the pavement, or problematic patches of road (the grit is not for use on private paths and driveways - you can buy your own grit from DIY stores).

Grit should be applied as a dusting, not a carpet!  About 10g - 15g per square metre is the recommended rate in normal conditions. Each grit bin contains 330kg of grit when full, so should cover 22km of pavement.  Excessive application is not only wasteful, but can cause irritation to dog paws and pollute the natural habitat.