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published on 26th Feb 2018




Queen Margaret's Fizz and Fashion event

published on 9th Feb 2018

Tickets are on sale for our QM Fizz & Fashion event at Fenwick York on Thursday 8 March when the store will be throwing open its doors exclusively for the QM family and guests. 

The evening will start from 18:15 with a glass of fizz and canapés on arrival.  At 18:45 guests will be shown to the Designer Floor for a fashion show with QM Sixth Form girls modelling the Spring Collection accompanied by a commentary providing plenty of hints and tips on how to wear the latest looks.

After clothes, it's all about the make-up. The team from MAC will be offering mini makeovers showing the secrets of creating flawless, glowing skin, defined brows, smokey eyes, luscious lips and more.

The Fenwick team will be on hand to offer personal styling tips and with the entire fashion and make-up departments being open it will be perfect opportunity for a leisurely shop without the crowds. The evening is expected to finish by 21:30.

Tickets for this exclusive event cost £30 with £10 being redeemable against purchases made on the night. The remaining proceeds will go to the QM Head's Annual Fund. All guests will also receive a Fenwick goody bag.

To book tickets please email

Community Transport service

published on 6th Feb 2018

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As you may be aware, Selby District AVS has been running a Community Transport service for many years. There are two dimensions to this service; a volunteer car driver scheme and a minibus hire scheme. The purpose of this consultation is to ensure that Community Transport is providing a first-class service and responding to the needs of our customers. We are keen to hear from existing and potential car and minibus hire scheme clients and welcome any feedback you have so that we can continually improve and develop our service.

The questionnaire will take less than 5 minutes and can either be completed online or you can complete the attached and return by email to

Please also find attached a leaflet about the minibus hire scheme, which is open to voluntary, charitable and community organisations across Selby District. If you have any questions about Community Transport or this consultation, please feel free to contact Community House on the phone number below.

Thank you in advance for your time and feedback.

Selby District AVS Community Transport Consultation Final Clients.doc

Minibus flyer final.pdf

Tadcaster and Rural Community Interest Company

published on 1st Feb 2018

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40s Concert Night - Brayton

published on 1st Feb 2018

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published on 1st Feb 2018

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972 due to the resignation of Rebecca Counsell, a vacancy has arisen in the Office of Councillor for the said Parish. 
If by 23 February, 2018 (14 days excluding Dies Non, after the date of this notice) a request for an election to fill the vacancy is made in writing to the Returning Officer, Selby District Council, Civic Centre, Doncaster Road, Selby YO8 9FT by TEN electors for the said Parish, an election will be held to fill the said vacancy, otherwise the vacancy will be filled by co-option.
If an election is called, it will take place not later than 1 May, 2018.
Dated 5 February, 2018

Further to the formal notice above - we now have two Parish Councillor vacancies in Escrick. 

To clarify (as the mandatory wording above can be a bit confusing) - you don't normally need to be nominated by ten people to stand, that only applies if you specifically require an election.  Normally, if there are the same/fewer persons interested than vacancies, you can simply express an interest directly to the Parish Council.

If you are interested please contact the Clerk or Chair ( / 

Parish Magazine update - February 2018

published on 1st Feb 2018

The following appeared in February's Parish Magazine:

Escrick Parish Council update

Pavements - The Parish Council has made representations to both North Yorkshire County Council (responsible for maintenance) and Selby District Council (responsible for street cleaning) about the condition of pavements in the village. NYCC has evaluated the feedback, and where appropriate repairs have been carried out or scheduled. SDC are currently considering options for addressing the issues raised.

Grit bins - A reminder that there are four grit bins in Escrick. These are for community spirited residents to use to spread grit on pavements/junctions in icy weather. The Parish Council provides the grit, but doesn’t provide a grit spreading service. Please do feel free to grab an old plant pot and spread grit on the pavement, or problematic patches of road. The grit is not for use on private paths and driveways - you can buy grit from DIY stores. More details see

Dog fouling - A reminder that Selby District Council can levy fines of up to £1000 on those responsible for dog fouling. If you know who is responsible please report incidents promptly and directly. See for more details.

Beacon of lights commemoration: Escrick is considering taking park in the Beacons of Light Tribute on 11th November to mark 100 years of remembrance. This is likely to consist of a brief gathering and lighting of a beacon. We would like to gauge the level of interest in attending, please let any Parish Councillor know if you would be interested in attending. More details:

Street lighting - An additional light has been ordered for the A19 by the business park to assist bus-stop users. This is due to be installed in late January/early February.

Oak trees - As many residents have noticed, it was sadly necessary for NYCC to remove the two oak trees on Wenlock Drive. We recognise that these old trees were far older that Wenlock Drive itself, but unfortunately both were in bad condition, suffering honey fungus and hollowing of the trunk and roots. This had resulted in at least two instances where substantial branches fell, damaging a car and putting pedestrians at risk. The tree surgeon removing the trees confirmed that the diagnosis was correct, and the hollow trunks were very evident. NYCC will remove the stumps and reinstate the grass verge in its place.

Defibrillator volunteer - The village has a public access defibrillator located on the front wall of the club. This is for anyone to use in the case of a cardiac emergency. We are looking for a volunteer to undertake the weekly check of the defibrillator (very easy, it involves little more than checking that the ‘ok’ icon is illuminated).  It would be convenient for someone that regularly attends playgroup or the tea-shop to do on their way past. Please contact the chair if you are willing to help.

Neighbourhood Development Plan - the Parish Council is about to appoint a project manager/consultant to assist with the development of the NHDP, which is expected to take around 24 months. The role will be funded by grant funding.

Vacancy - We currently have a vacancy for a Parish Councillor.  This is a good opportunity to represent residents and have your input into where the Parish Council focuses its efforts and how it spends its budget. If you might be interested, and would like to learn more about the role, you’re welcome to chat to existing Councillors or the Chair (details below).

Parish Council meeting dates: Monday 5th February, 5th March, 9th April, 14th May. All meetings at 7.30pm at Escrick & Deighton Club. Public welcome.

Contact:  Chair (Richard Rowson),; Clerk (Helen Guest),; Website:


Parish Councillor vacancies

published on 19th Jan 2018 (updated on 21st Jan 2018)

We will imminently have two vacancies for Parish Councillors in Escrick - this is good opportunity to get involved, bring new ideas and influence decisions that impact our community.  

What is the Parish Council?

The Parish Council is the first tier of local government.  It has relatively few responsibilities (i.e. things that it must do) - but has a reasonable degree of flexibility over things that it can choose to do.

In Escrick there are eleven Councillors who collectively make the decisions, and we employ a part-time Clerk (3 days per month) to ensure compliance, manage finances, and provide some administrative support.

What sort of things does the Parish Council do?

  • We lease, maintain and insure the village green and the playground (with the welcome support of the village green association and playing fields association);
  • We own and maintain about half the street lights in the village, and those in Hollicarrs Close;
  • We own and fill most of the grit bins in the village;
  • We own and maintain the village defibrillator;
  • We own and maintain the war memorials, Jubilee fountain, and Coronation memorial;
  • We bought an additional dog waste bin for the footpath east of Skipwith Road;
  • We lobby the county council on relevant issues, particularly highways;
  • We make representations on planning applications, the local plans, and other relevant consultations;
  • We help navigate residents to the right authority when they have a problem or complaint.

We receive our income through Council tax. Councillors collectively decide how much tax to levy, and where it is spent. Currently we raise £19,000 per annum through Council tax, which is spent predominantly on street lighting, insurance, grass cutting, and the clerk’s salary. Around 20% of the budget is ‘discretionary’, for initiatives such as additional street lighting, discretionary maintenance, grit bins, etc.

What is involved? How much time does it take?

We usually have Council meetings monthly (first Monday of the month 7.30pm - 9pm), and there is typically a little bit of background reading ahead of meetings.  Most Councillors also get involved in one or more of the working groups or committees. For example:

  • The planning working group reviews all planning applications in the Parish, and provides feedback to the planning officers at Selby District Council (who are responsible for determining planning applications). The planning working group is also in the process of developing a Neighbourhood Development Plan - which will set out long term guidance for development in the Parish (for example design standards, but also identifying where additional infrastructure or road improvements may be required to support additional development).
  • We have a working group that coordinates the annual ‘spring clean’ and ‘autumn clean’ events
  • The Admin & Finance committee oversees matters such as letting of contracts (e.g. grass cutting, insurance, etc), HR and general compliance matters

Most current Parish Councillors put in several hours a month in addition to meetings, usually in ways that best leverages their skills and fits in with their lifestyle. Ultimately, we need both good ideas and people willing to help make things happen.

But I'm not retired....

Some people have a stereotype of Parish Councils as a group of old men who have lived in a village all their lives.

Escrick is fortunate in not living up to that stereotype and helpfully has a Parish Council that represents a broad demographic of residents. The majority of Councillors are not retired (some even have young children!), and whilst we do have some long-term resident Councillors, we also have Councillors who have moved to the area more recently.  (ps: retired old men are also welcomed!)

The roles of Parish, District and County Councils

There’s a common misunderstanding that the Parish Council is the local branch of the County Council - or similar. This isn’t the case.  Escrick Parish Council, Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council are three distinct bodies, with separate roles and responsibilities.   For example: highways maintenance and speed limits are a County Council responsibility, bin collections are a District Council responsibility.  The Parish Council can make representations to the other authorities, but if you are hoping that by becoming a Parish Councillor you’ll be able to reduce speed limits and reinstate weekly bin collections - that probably isn’t realistic.

Learn more has more details about the Parish Council, along with recent minutes/agendas, budget, and a lot of other background information.

Will I get paid?


Do I get elected? Do I need to be nominated?

Generally no. If, as is often the case, there are enough vacancies for all interested parties, then you simply need to express an interest, and usually we can co-opt you onto the Council without an election.  If there are more parties interested than vacancies, then slightly different processes apply.  In the first instance notify the clerk ( of your interest, and you will be asked to attend the next meeting. 

I might be interested...

If you are not sure and would like to know a bit more - feel free to chat to an existing Councillor, or speak with the Chair (



St Helen's Heritage Lottery Project Launch Event

published on 18th Jan 2018

To launch St Helen's Heritage Lottery Project, we are holding  a ‘Launch event’ in Church on Sunday 28th January at 4pm.  It would be great if you could come along, and please encourage friends and neighbours to come along too.  

Come along to …..

  • Hear all about the Project – what is planned for the building.
  • Learn about the Scope of the Project, Community Activities and how you can get involved. 
  • Meet the Project Team – including our Heritage Engagement Officer, Michala Pearson and Surveyor and Architect’s, Jon Steel and Jamie Holden.
  • Enjoy a warming bowl of chilli, or vegetarian pasta, with a glass of something

There will be a short presentation at 4.00 pm, followed by food and social.  All the family welcome.

An idea of numbers would be welcome but not essential. Please email  

Michala has already started putting The Heritage Activities Plan in to action and has got our new Twitter and Facebook accounts up and running.  Please do have a look at them and  Follow, like and Join’ as appropriate!  Please could you also encourage your friends and family to do the same.

The new Facebook link is   or just search on Facebook under Escrick Heritage

On Twitter   

We look forward to hopefully seeing you soon.  If you can’t make the 28th but would like to be involved, we’d love to hear from you –please do get in touch.  Thank you.


Crockey Hill Roadworks

published on 14th Jan 2018 (updated on 15th Jan 2018)

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Roadworks at Crockey Hill from 14th January until 4th May:

Updated 15th January:

Closure of Wheldrake Lane to attempt to ease traffic congestion:

Details of scheme:


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